VitaPulse Reviews | Is it Legit or Scam?

By | August 17, 2016

VitaPulse is a new health supplement that supposedly protects the heart and the circulatory system. This product is 100% natural, and should decrease the chances of developing heart disease and related conditions with minimal side effects.

But then again, all manufacturers of natural supplements destined to protect the cardiovascular system make this claim. And most often, it’s a lie.

So can VitaPulse stand out from the dozens of useless supplements? As it turn out, yes it can. As we’ll see next, this product manages to surprise most users.

What is VitaPulse?

This supplement appears to have been launched in 2015 and is only available as capsules. The company behind it, Princeton Nutrients, is based in Arizona and was founded in the same year.

The company offers an entire line of health supplements designed to benefit various areas of health, and VitaPulse seems to be the most popular.

All products are available on the official website of the company, which presents them in a very honest manner. VitaPulse is not advertised through outrageous promises.

The company simply states that the product can protect the cardiovascular system, and that’s where the claims stop.

This supplement is not supposed to be a miracle cure for heart disease and associated conditions, and it’s not backed through fake reviews.

This should be a given for all health products, but unfortunately honest presentations are very hard to come across when it comes to supplements. Particularly supplements that are only available online, as it’s the case for VitaPulse.

The company admits that the supplement might not work for all users, which is why it offers a 90 day money back guarantee.

Users can fully evaluate this product with no risks, as the guarantee applies unconditionally. Clients can request refunds even if they’ve used the product in its entirety. Still, it’s likely that the guarantee only applies for first time orders.

How does VitaPulse work?

Considering its purpose, VitaPulse has a surprisingly low number of ingredients. There are only 3 of them, less than what the majority of similar products include. But these 3 ingredients have some very interesting properties, which are backed by scientific studies.

Again, claiming that various substances are proven as effective is very common among supplement manufacturers, and it’s rarely true. But that’s not the case when it comes to this particular product. The website offers links to real scientific studies that actually prove the claims.

Also, the website displays the label of the product itself. Potential customers get to see both the active ingredients and the additives. Which is very helpful considering that they’re unable to have a look at the product before purchasing it.

The active ingredients are NAC, PQQ and coenzyme Q10, and thanks to the label, we know for certain that the product is fit for all diets. The capsule shells, which are commonly made from animal by-products, are vegetarian in this case.

The website offers a brief description for each of the 3 ingredients, letting potential customers know exactly what they can do for the heart. But their properties deserve a closer look, as they seem able to make a positive impact over the entire body.

N-acetyl cysteine is a form of cysteine, which is an amino acid. This substance is used as treatment for large number of affections, particularly paracetamol and carbon dioxide poisoning.

But one of its most interesting properties is its ability to decrease cholesterol and homocysteine. Homocysteine is an amino acid which has been linked to heart disease. Decreasing its levels should naturally decrease the risk of developing cardiovascular conditions.

But N-acetyl cysteine is also an antioxidant. Which means that it protects cells from damage, preventing early degradation.

This substance should have a positive effect over all cells, decreasing user’s chances of developing many dangerous conditions, including cancer.

PQQ (pyrroloquinoline quinone) on the other hand is a chemical that is very similar to a vitamin. It too is a powerful antioxidant, which is why it’s included in a variety of health supplements. It benefits the entire body, but seems particularly effective against heart and brain affections.

But being able to protect cells is actually its less impressive property. PQQ is able to generate the spontaneous creation of new mitochondria.

Mitochondria are organelles found in most cells. Their purpose is to produce energy for the cells, but they’re also involved in other essential processes. The health of the cells depends on the proper functioning of mitochondria.

But older cells lose these organelles, which causes them to age and eventually die. As PQQ promotes the creation of new mitochondria, it slows down the ageing process of the cells.

The effects of PQQ are much easier to observe in users who suffer from degenerative brain conditions (like Alzheimer’s). This is because neurons from most areas of the brain are not replaceable. Most cells in the human body are replaced or a regular basis.

They become less functional and more prone to early degradation with each replication, but they do work. Most neurons on the other hand function during the entire life of an individual. And once they become unable to perform properly due to old age, mental processes become impaired. But new mitochondria can reverse this process.

And PQQ provides the same benefits for the entire body, not just the brain. Thanks to new mitochondria, cells are able to survive for longer before replicating. And healthy mitochondria also guarantee that the new cells (the replacements) will develop properly.

PQQ seems to generate the best results when combined with coenzyme Q10, which is also included in VitaPulse. This is most likely due to the similarities between the 2 substances. Coenzime Q10 is a strong antioxidant, and it too is needed by the cells in order to produce energy.

This substance doesn’t influence the number of mitochondria, but it has very positive effects nonetheless. It seems that people who suffer from cancer have low levels of coenzyme Q10.

And while using this substance as a treatment might not be effective, there’s obviously a correlation between the level of coenzyme Q10 and the risk of developing this disease.

It’s obvious that these substances have amazing benefits, but that doesn’t automatically mean that VitaPulse works as promised. At the moment, no supplements are backed by scientific studies.

Positive user experiences are the only way to prove that this product actually works. And of course, in order to generate any kind of results, VitaPulse must be used as recommended. The proper dosage is one capsule a day, taken early in the morning.

Is VitaPulse safe?

Considering that VitaPulse is only a health supplement and not prescription medication, it’s not likely to cause unwanted symptoms.

That being said, N-acetyl cysteine and coenzyme Q10 are able to generate side effects in some of the users. These include digestive disorders, dizziness, low blood pressure and insomnia.

Still, these are rare occurrences and don’t seem to be an issue when it comes to VitaPulse. This supplement is very popular, but very few clients have complained about unpleasant symptoms.

Still, those who are interested in the product must keep in mind that it interacts with certain types of medication. Those who are under medical treatment for any kind of condition should discuss this supplement with their physicians.

Natural supplements are harmless when used on their own (most times), but they can cause serious problems when combined with drugs. Also, those who suffer from an untreated health affection shouldn’t use VitaPulse without professional advice either.

It might worsen some conditions, so again, the product should be discussed with a qualified professional. Lastly, this product is not destined for pregnant women or children under 18.

Where can I find VitaPulse?

You can buy VitaPulse on the official website of the company, and at the moment, also on Amazon. One bottle contains 30 capsules (or one month’s supply) and the company offers it at $49 plus $6.95 for shipping and handling. But larger packages come with discounts.

A package containing 3 bottles is available for $127, while 6 bottles are available for $235. Both larger packages come with free shipping, and the company recommends new customers to start with the 3 bottle option.

This product doesn’t generate noticeable results over short amounts of time, so clients have to try it for at least a few months in order to evaluate it fully.

Amazon offers VitaPulse at a more affordable price, but in this case, the product might not come with the 90 day money back guarantee. The official website seems to be the best option for first time customers.

What are the pros?

This product works for most of its users, which is very unusual considering that it’s only a health supplement. Even more surprising, VitaPulse works well. Well enough to generate results that are observable through blood tests, and after only a few months of treatment.

Furthermore, many users claim that they have noticed improvements in many different areas of health. Also, it seems that this product increases energy levels while reducing the symptoms of sleep disorders. Of course, not all users will notice these benefits, but they’re very common.

What are the cons?

This supplement doesn’t work for everybody. Some users report no changes after months of treatment. But since the company admits right from the start that this is a possibility, we can’t really hold this issue against this product.

After all, it comes with a 90 day money back guarantee that allows each client to discover if the product works for them personally.

Still, refunds might not always be easy to access. A number of users have complained about customer service. It seems that at times representatives are difficult to contact.

The website offers a phone number, an email address and a contact form for those interested in discussing with a representative, but somehow some clients still struggle to contact Princeton Nutrients.

Bottom line

VitaPulse is a great option for those who are looking for a natural way to prevent cardiovascular conditions. It works well in most cases and it rarely generates side effects, so it might be worth the investment.

It’s certainly one of the most effective products of its type, so those who are actively looking for a supplement might want to pay the website a visit.