VitaLaze Reviews | Best Stress Relief Supplement or Scam?

By | June 8, 2017

VitaLaze Anxiety Stress Management Supplement

With current lifestyles becoming increasingly more hectic, we are all on the lookout for anything that will help us cope better with all the stress that inevitably accompanies our day-to-day routine. One such product which aims to remedy this situation is VitaLaze, a ‘natural dietary supplement’ which contains ‘100% CBD’.

This enhancer is focused on providing stress relief via its cannabidiol content, which is supposed to create both physical and psychological relief. Still, do real-life results and testimonies match this product’s advertising campaign? Let us see further on if this is the case or not for VitaLaze.

VitaLaze – General Description

As mentioned before, VitaLaze constitutes a dietary supplement based on an ‘advanced stress relief formula’ that promised to offer its users ‘the most powerful cannabidiol pill’ available on the market.

The manufacturer behind Vita Laze claims that this cannabidiol-based enhancer is ‘100 % natural and organic’, ‘legal in all 50 states’, which does not require a medical prescription and does not negatively impact drug screenings.

In fact, the company states that you will be able to get ‘all the benefits, with no high’ when using VitaLaze, since this product apparently does not contain THC (or tetrahydrocannabinol, the main psychoactive element otherwise present in cannabis).

The benefits of VitaLaze are described in terms of its therapeutic properties, which include stress and anxiety relief, strong antioxidant support, faster recovery after traumatic incidents (both physical and psychological), and an overall improved state of wellness.

As a result, the manufacturer maintains that the active CBD (cannabidiol) ingredient is thus able to prevent the onset of various cardiovascular and neurodegenerative problems in time.

VitaLaze comes in the shape of bottles containing 30 individual capsules, with a recommended administration regime of 1 capsule/ twice daily. VitaLaze is accompanied by a 30-days money back guarantee.

VitaLaze – Main Ingredients

As advertised by the manufacturer, the main ingredient in VitaLaze is cannabidiol (or CBD, for short), an active chemical compound derived from the cannabis plant. More precisely, VitaLaze is based on CBD oil, which has been ‘hydraulically-extracted’ and introduced as the sole ‘pure ingredient’ in the makeup of every individual capsule. The question then is: why choose this element in particular?

Well, it is probably no secret that herbs from the hemp family – such as cannabis, for example – have known a long history of multiple employments all around the world, from clothing (hemp fibers) to medicinal uses (hemp oils) and as recreational drugs (due to their psychoactive attributes).

Cannabis is a flowering plant that originates primarily from India and central Asia. There are numerous subtypes within the larger genus of cannabis, the most widely known being Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis Ruderalis.

Its multiple usages have made it become a popular choice in both practical and ‘recreational’ matters, as well as contributing to its spreading throughout the globe. Selective breeding of these plants has been predominantly focused on achieving higher levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), namely the psychoactive component in marijuana and its similar variants.

Consequently, cannabidiol is just one of the 113 known such active compounds (cannabinoids) that can be found in cannabis. What distinguishes it from the others, nevertheless, is the fact that cannabidiol is non-psychotropic, namely that it does not alter your perception of the real world (like changes in sensory perception, in consciousness, etc.).

Instead, some studies argue that cannabidiol can actually be used to help manage various psychiatric disorders – such as depression and anxiety – as a result of its ability to antagonize the effects otherwise linked to other cannabis compounds that make people feel high when consuming it.

It then makes sense to have this ingredient as the main component of a dietary supplement like VitaLaze, since it promises to offer all the benefits of cannabis usage, but none of its reality-altering and even law-defying characteristics.

The one problem with Vita Laze would be that the manufacturer does not explicitly specify the CBD concentration present in every individual serving. Although previous data supports the safety of this chemical constituent in doses of up to 30 mg/ day (intravenously) or 1500 mg/ day (taken orally), with no known cases of overdosing resulting in deaths, the fact of the matter is that knowing the dosage of every ingredient that gets included into the makeup of a dietary supplement is a mandatory feature for any good quality product.

This aspect becomes even more important when taking into consideration the fact that the recommended daily dosage for VitaLaze is that of 2 capsules, with stress and pain relief results being supposedly noticeable after a prolonged administration of this product in particular.

So – despite not being a health threat in itself – the cannabidiol content of VitaLaze could nevertheless cause interactions with sedatives, antidepressants, and other similar medications.  

How VitaLaze Works?

The company behind this dietary enhancer supports the idea that the main ingredient in VitaLaze and the one which gives it its stress-relieving and anxiety-reducing qualities is the cannabis CBD (cannabidiol) oil extract.

Hence, regular administration of this ‘100% natural & organic’ supplement is then able to promote the elimination of any visible signs of stress, promote a state of calmness, and even produce antioxidant effects on your organism.

This latter outcome will thus be visible both in terms of your physical wellbeing (preventing the onset of cardiovascular diseases, for example) and obviously your mental balance (both meliorating current stress-based imbalances and combating later psychological issues such as Alzheimer or Parkinson, let’s say).

Still, keep in mind that this is how Vita Laze is supposed to work – but does hard science back up these claims?

As previously mentioned, cannabidiol has been recognized as a cannabis-derived compound that bypasses the reality-altering and even hallucinogenic effects normally linked to the THC content in cannabis (for instance, in the various forms of marijuana), while still offering an array of positive contributions to human health.

Even though the exact mechanism of how cannabidiol helps improve mental states has yet to be pinpointed by specialists, recent studies argue that this chemical compound acts as a neuroprotective oxidant by combating neurotoxicity and delaying the process of cellular oxidation (or ‘aging’) normally associated with stress and mental problems (like cerebral ischemia, for example).

Similarly, research argues that cannabidiol can be indeed employed to treat or diminish the symptoms and manifestations of anxiety, depression, and psychotic episodes. Most commonly, cannabidiol has been used in the active management of treatment-resistant epilepsy in children, which is also known as the Dravet syndrome.

Another health factor which cannabidiol has been shown to ameliorate as a complementary therapy is that of seizures, particularly in the case of individuals suffering from epilepsy.

One common denominator between these experiments – besides the overall positive effects generated by cannabidiol – is the fact that this compound was marked as generally safe, with no noticeable side effects or severe interactions with the participants’ state of wellness (in the case of otherwise healthy individuals).

As a consequence, these findings (and more) appear to generally support the claims behind VitaLaze regarding psychological and physical wellbeing alike. Though research is still needed to explore the whole range of benefits and potential drawbacks posed by cannabidiol, current scientific conclusions generally revolve around CBD’s beneficial effects on the human organism in relation to stress minimization and legal ‘inner peace’ maximization.

In addition, this supplement is said to be made via hydraulic extraction of CBD oil from the source plant (which should then eliminate the THC component altogether), in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) facility. This should then further boost VitaLaze’s quality and safety for usage.

The only real issue with VitaLaze would, therefore, be that the manufacturer does not make the actual CBD concentration per serving readily available for the customers, since – after all – any excessive consumption of one substance can be detrimental over time (no matter how safe we consider it to be). This means that you are not able to see the product’s label before purchasing it, therefore having your buying experience restricted in this sense.

VitaLaze – Customer Feedback

While it is not at all unusual for companies to place good testimonials and positive feedback related to their product on the official website(s), it would appear that this is the only current instance of feedback for VitaLaze.

Moreover, among the statements listed at the bottom of the main page, we can read that ‘Individual results may vary. To protect the privacy of the individuals, we reserve the right to change names or photographs.

Endorsements may be remunerated’. The aforementioned endorsements are also accompanied by the mention that ‘Individual results may vary’.

Again, paid promotions are a common practice associated with all kinds of products, not only dietary supplements. Still, the presence of real customer reviews – like those present on Amazon or forums, for example – are a clearer indication of a product’s usefulness and results than such ‘selected’ testimonials.

Consequently, VitaLaze fails to come through as a quality and reliable supplement from this point of view.

VitaLaze – Safety and cautions

One major issue with Vita Laze is the fact that its cannabidiol blend present in this supplement can interact with certain medications such as antidepressants, sedatives, and drugs which are intensely processed by the liver. Therefore, caution is definitely advised if you are currently under any sort of medical treatment related to the aforementioned drugs and therapies.

In addition – as with any dietary supplement – VitaLaze is not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers, as well as children under the age of 18 years. The present product is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. As for the bottle containing the VitaLaze capsules, it should be kept in a cool, dry place, out of children’s reach.

One particular issue associated with Vita Laze would be that of its legal status if we are to take into consideration the more recent debates concerning substance control and the legal status of various cannabis derivates (in the form of hemp cultures, medical marijuana, etc.).

Nevertheless, the manufacturer claims that this supplement is ‘legal in all 50 states’, owing to the fact that VitaLaze does not contain THC (the psychoactive component in cannabis), but the non-high-inducing element of cannabidiol. In addition, the official website for this product claims that ‘VitaLaze does not sell or distribute any products that are in violation of the United States Controlled Substances Act (US CSA)’.

Another positive aspect in terms of composition is that – according to the manufacturer – ‘Vita Laze does not contain any un-natural manmade compounds or substances such as Investigational New Drugs (IND) or piracetam’.

VitaLaze – Prices and Customer Guarantees

The official website for Vita Laze offers a number of packaging options for this supplement, namely $47 for 1 bottle (30 capsules), $99 for 3 bottles (90 capsules), and $135 for 5 bottles (150 capsules).

Unfortunately, you can only buy VitaLaze if you are a US resident since the manufacturer only ships within the country. If you do manage to get a hold of Vita Laze through other third-party outlets – which is generally not advised – there is also the issue of the product’s legal status in your respective country: for instance, cannabidiol can only be acquired through a medical prescription in Canada, whereas European laws restrict its legal usage to cosmetics, not to tinctures and other extracts.

In terms of customer guarantees, the company behind VitaLaze offers a 30-days money back policy, which is ultimately a good offer when compared to other similar products. The upside to this guarantee is that you can return your VitaLaze bottle even if it is empty and still receive your money back. The downside is that you need to do it within 30 days of placing your initial order – namely before your Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number expires and that you also have to pay for the return shipping fees out of your own pocket.

VitaLaze – General Conclusions

All in all, VitaLaze classifies as an average dietary supplement in light of both its advantages and negative attributes.

On the one hand, the cannabidiol oil content VitaLaze is based on promises to offer you all the physical and mental benefits of marijuana, but without the high factor included (which can otherwise seriously interfere with day-to-day life). These claims are also supported by scientific studies, which support CBD’s positive role in stress amelioration, psychological support, antioxidant protection, etc.

On the other hand, the lack of clear content and administration information, alongside the same absence of reliable reviews, take away from VitaLaze’s credibility and its opportunity to stand as a higher quality enhancer.

Still, it appears that VitaLaze might be worth a try, so why not share your own experience with this dietary supplement in order to help others improve their experience with it as well!