Ultra Slim 400 Forskolin Reviews

By | April 5, 2017

Ultra Slim 400 Forskolin – Does it Work for Weight Loss?

When it comes to weight loss products, dietary enhancers such as Ultra Slim 400 Forskolin have become all the rage in most recent years as a result of their promise to offer quick and practically effortless fat shedding results. Still, it can be fairly difficult to distinguish between a worthwhile product and one that you should avoid at all costs, especially in this particular health segment.

There is no doubt that the contemporary market for supplements has become increasingly more diverse, widespread, and quality oriented. But does Ultra Slim 400 Forskolin meet these modern standards or not?

Ultra Slim 400 Forskolin – General Review

Ultra Slim 400 Forskolin is a dietary supplement which ‘supports reduction of stubborn fat’, ‘helps build lean muscle’, and ‘promotes fat metabolism’. This is achieved through a ‘100% premium forskolin formula’ that is supposed to promote effortless weight shedding through its natural fat burning properties.

The manufacturer behind Ultra Slim 400 Forskolin argues that it is precisely this forskolin component which facilitates body reshaping by minimizing your input – in the shape of extreme dieting or constant exercising, for example – yet maximizing the results you get to experience after using this enhancer on a regular basis. Hence, the concentrated forskolin extract is employed as the main fat burner ingredient inside this product, with no ‘fillers, stimulants or chemicals’ added.

In addition, Ultra Slim 400 Forskolin is accompanied by a 30-days money back policy, as well as a number of package deals (as you will see further on).

Ultra Slim 400 Forskolin comes in the shape of bottles containing 30 individual capsules. The recommended dosage is that of 1 capsule/ day.

What Are the Ingredients of Ultra Slim 400 Forskolin?

As is evident by now, Ultra Slim 400 Forskolin relies predominantly on its forskolin content in order to generate fast and visible weight loss results – or so does the manufacturer claim. In fact, the company affirms that every capsule of Ultra Slim 400 Forskolin contains ‘100% pure standardized 20% Coleus forskohlii extract’, with ‘no artificial colors or preservatives’. Still, what is it about this herbal extract that makes is so valuable to weight loss after all?

From a scientific point of view, forskolin actually comes from the Plectranthus barbatus plant (also known as Coleus forskohlii). This tropical, perennial, mint-like herb was first discovered by a Swedish researcher by the name of Pehr Forskål at the beginning of the 20th century, whose contribution to the study of this plant’s benefits helped popularize it on a worldwide scale (something which is particularly obvious in present times). He is the one most prominently associated with the investigation on how forskolin affects AMP cycles in a positive manner (as you will see further on).

Still, forskolin is not something that can be considered as ‘new’ all around the world. For example, various herbs from the genus Coleus have been used with both practical and medicinal purposes for centuries now, especially by Ayurvedic (holistic) medicine. Indian texts and traditions show us that the forskolin content in these plants was used for everything from pickling vegetables to treating cardiovascular problems, indigestion, and urinary infections.

In South America, the Plectranthus barbatus plant knows a long tradition of being used as a home remedy for diverse health issues in the form of brews and teas. The most common such employment was aimed at alleviating headaches and ameliorating gastrointestinal imbalances related to overeating (particularly fatty foods) and alcohol consumption.

In which concerns the forskolin composition of Ultra Slim 400 Forskolin, the manufacturer maintains that the dietary supplement is made up of ‘20% Coleus forskohlii extract’ as its main active ingredient towards achieving weight loss. In general, forskolin represents 0.1% of the weight of the root (in dry form), but recent technological processing has been able to incorporate more concentrated amounts of this chemical in smaller presentation formats (as is the case with capsules, for instance).

In addition – as the manufacturer claims – this dietary enhancer contains no other additives or preservatives in its blend. The lack of fillers would, therefore, be a bonus point for Ultra Slim 400 Forskolin, more so since numerous dietary enhancers currently found on the market are ‘stuffed’ with unnecessary ingredients which make no positive change in your lifestyle whatsoever.

How Does Ultra Slim 400 Forskolin Work?

As pointed out before, the main purpose of forskolin as an active ingredient inside the composition of Ultra Slim 400 Forskolin is to promote easier and healthier weight shedding. This is supposedly done by increasing your metabolic rhythms in a natural and safe fashion, which then generates fewer deposits of body fat, increased immunity protection, and generally better health. Still, you cannot help but wonder: does the science behind this extract match the manufacturer’s claims?

Throughout time, research has concluded that forskolin can be used as a chemical tool in accelerating cAMP rhythms at an intracellular level. cAMP stands for ‘cyclic adenosine monophosphate’, namely the secondary messenger which takes part in a number of essential biological processes, among which we can include hormonal modifications, enzymatic activity (in particular, that related to protein) and the metabolism of lipid components. For example, hormones like glucagon and adrenaline are not able to be transferred to the cells directly, with AMP cycles, therefore, becoming responsible for transferring the effects of these signaling molecules to their target cells.

At a most basic level, administrating forskolin to the organism means providing it with an accelerated functioning rhythm, since the aforementioned metabolic transformations can hence occur at a faster pace owing to the increase in momentum of cAMP transmitters within the microcellular base. The theoretical outcome of this stimulation should thus be optimized nutrient assimilation (instead of accumulation as weight) and a generally improved state of wellness.

Nevertheless, practical findings seem to partly disagree with the science behind forskolin. For instance, some studies focused on the effects of this extract on overweight and obese (male) individuals concluded that a 12-week trial of ingesting forskolin did indeed result in higher testosterone readings and reinforced bone structure, but not in substantial weight loss.

In fact, these findings discovered that – rather than eliminating fat deposits – the subjects experienced a ‘reshuffling’ of the fat in different areas of the body, meaning that their weight remained approximately the same (despite an apparent reduction in circumference measures).

Consequently, while forskolin might generate a reshaping of fat over time, it appears that it does not contribute to metabolic processes that produce weight reduction as much as it is advertised to in products like Ultra Slim 400 Forskolin, let’s say.

Even so, the fact that the forskolin element was able to positively influence testosterone production is significant because it demonstrates that this extract can indeed contribute to hormonal activity, with other factors such as appetite suppression and metabolic absorption or ‘burning’ of various nutrients (in the shape of energy) also coming into play.

All in all, the idea would be that forskolin does show increased metabolic potential, but that research still needs to be conducted in this sense so as to cement this ingredient’s status as a ‘miraculous’ fat burned. Otherwise, the advertising campaigns of companies such as that producing Ultra Slim 400 Forskolin should be taken with caution and a fair dose of doubt regarding the extract’s end results.

What is the Customer Feedback for Ultra Slim 400 Forskolin?

Unfortunately, most of the reviews for Ultra Slim 400 Forskolin come from the supplement’s official website or other outlets that specialize in selling these kinds of enhancers, which means they are not 100% accurate and/ or reliable. While these claims might be in favor of Ultra Slim 400 Forskolin and its weight shedding properties, there is no way for us – customers – to verify their legitimacy or even compare them with other testimonies (for example, the customer reviews you might find on outlets like Amazon).

Another problem with Ultra Slim 400 Forskolin is that trying to purchase this product from an online platform can be very tricky since a simple search of its name will bring about numerous, highly similar products as well.

This popularity associated with forskolin is, therefore, double-sided since it shows both the interest of supplement manufacturers in using it in the makeup of their respective products, but also that this name can be equally used just to promote a product for financial gains rather than for its weight loss effects.  

Is Ultra Slim 400 Forskolin Safe to Use?

Despite a recent interest in this substance, there is no definite data regarding the safety, interactions, and maximum upper dosage of forskolin as an active component. The latest studies performed on rats determined that the upper tolerance limit for forskolin was that of >2,000 mg/kg, but whether this threshold is applicable to humans as well remains under debate.

Again, the absence of reliable customer reviews is not helpful in this sense either. If you do want to purchase Ultra Slim 400 Forskolin and use it in order to reduce your body mass, then a visit to your doctor or healthcare provider is mandatory beforehand. As with all supplements, caution is also advised if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, as well as if you are aware of any severe medical condition that requires medication (since forskolin can interact with certain drugs, particularly those related to blood pressure).

Does Ultra Slim 400 Forskolin have a good pricing range? Are there any customer guarantees as well?

The current price options for Ultra Slim 400 Forskolin are $47 for 1 bottle (1 month’s supply), $99 for 3 bottles (3 months’ supply), and $135 for 5 bottles (5 months’ supply).

As a result, depending on your order of choice, you could end up paying $1,56 $1,1 or $0.9 respectively for each serving of Ultra Slim 400 Forskolin you administer on a daily basis. By comparison, the standard pricing for a good quality supplement is nowadays considered to be around $0.69-$0.70, with Ultra Slim 400 Forskolin exceeding this upper threshold even at its most advantageous packaging format.

The positive aspect in this category would be that Ultra Slim 400 Forskolin is accompanied by a 30-days money back policy, which is a good alternative to having available in case you are dissatisfied with your experience. The negative side is that a lack of substantial and reliable customer reviews for Ultra Slim 400 Forskolin also means the absence of testimonies regarding the applicability of this guarantee in real-life, namely whether you can actually get your money back or if you will get stuck with endless customer service calls instead.

Ultra Slim 400 Forskolin – Conclusions

All in all, it would seem that Ultra Slim 400 Forskolin has a fair amount of theoretical potential as a weight loss supplement, but little credibility as an established product from this niche at this point in time.

Its positive attributes include a lack of additives in the product’s blend, alongside decent pricing options when buying in bulk and a good customer guarantee policy. Still, the lack of convincing findings regarding forskolin’s impact on weight loss is coupled with the absence of trustworthy customer reviews, hence placing Ultra Slim 400 Forskolin as a below average dietary supplement.

Have you ever tried Ultra Slim 400 Forskolin? Did it have any good results or were you disappointed? Share your experience so as to help others decide whether Ultra Slim 400 Forskolin is the product for them or not! In this way, you will contribute towards creating a safer and more enjoyable supplement experience for all!