Take advantage of the summer to get fit

By | November 26, 2017

Working out in day time, in the summer is certainly more pleasurable than working out outside in a cold day of winter. You don’t have much of a choice, but to do your workouts inside, in a gym or at your place. The difference between doing your regular exercises in winter and in the summer is the amount of effectiveness you will get if you do them in the summer, where the heat can help you. Exercising in the winter’s coldness will gain you nothing but average results. The body fights with the cold, trying to raise the body’s temperature and can’t focus on building your muscles that good.

There are lots of things you can’t do on a freezing weather, like running outside(unless you are very brave), playing tennis or any other recreational sport outside(that is why most of the sports centers are closing their outside fields during the winter, but opens them as soon as the sun rises at the end of the spring), going hiking(it is dangerous to go on a mountain on foot or with the bike while there is ice all over the ground) or doing any kind of sport that can be done at the beach or in the water(except indoor pools). And besides, your mood for exercising in the winter drops. A rainy or snowy weather can make anyone a bit depressed, cutting all your excitement for doing anything.

Working out in the summer has many advantages. One of them is the perfect weather and the multitude of sports combinations you can try. Less than 5% of the population can say that they spend all the summer inside. Simple workouts like running on a hot day increases your chances for a better body and for a easier slimming. Sweating is the key to a healthier and a more beautiful body(it reduces cellulite).

Sweating benefits

Humans eliminate all the toxins by sweating, pulling them out with the water through the pores. By doing that, increases the immune function and decreases the risk of developing any toxin related diseases. The skin is the biggest organ from the body and has numerous responsibilities. It’s a myth that you don’t have to sweat and most people consider it gross and unattractive, but a human being that doesn’t sweat has some serious health issues. In fact, the effects of running for 30 minutes or less on a heated day are similar with using the sauna. Reuters site relates that sauna decreases the risk of heart attack. A study conducted of 2000 men, which started and 1980 and lasted for more than 20 years led to the result of removing the risk of sudden cardiac death and heart related issues. When exercising on a higher temperature than normal, same thing happens to your body.

But our body is designed to be quite clever, because no matter how hot is outside or in a sauna, the role of sweating is to keep the body temperature in regular norms, because overheating with kill you. So, instead of overheating, our bodies sweat and eliminate all water(and it actually makes sense; when it’s hot, water evaporates due to the heat).  

As we stated above, exercising in the summer makes you more beautiful. When you sweat you eliminate toxins through the pores, but also, it will keep your skin face clear, with no impurities on it. While the water goes out of our bodies, takes the face skin’s impurities, like blackheads and acne. That is how athletes keep their face skin perfect and without visible and disturbing problems. Many adults confront themselves with zits, even though they passed the teenage years. Sweating cleans the pores and eliminates the zits and all face problems, but won’t help if you leave your face unwashed after a workout. All the toxins with the sweat will just dry on your face, making it even worse.

Exercising brings your sensen to a higher level, increasing your heartbeat like when you are in love and you have butterflies in your stomach. Increasing your heartbeat plus sweating makes a perfect combination for the blood circulation. A good blood circulation will put everything in order.

Even if the body reaches a much higher temperature when it is under the effect of adrenaline from exercising, the sun and the heat help to destroy all bacteria and viruses that cannot survive over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The hotter is outside, the better. It depends tho, on your region’s climate, what hot means there.

A human body can sweat from 2 different motives, feeling hot(and exercising in the same time) and feeling anxious or nervous. When it is too warm for our body to stand it, we start to sweat everywhere, but more in certain areas, like armpits, on the forehead(where the sun rays first hit) or on the back. But, when we are emotionally distressed, only our palms and the soles of our feet start to sweat and it is unknown until this day why this happens and why it is happening in this particular areas.

If a person feels cold most of the time and sweats rarely, it may have a problem with the thyroid, which stops them from body detoxification.

Besides the generous benefit of detoxification, sweating can help heal wounds by the amount of stem cells that they secrete. While sweating, the stem cells cover the wound, decreasing the time the wound needs for healing. This was discovered in a study conducted in the University of Michigan led by Laure Rittie. The stem cells only helps the regeneration, but that’s not all. Some sweat glands also secrete antibiotics, fighting with the bacteria from the top of our skin and stopping them from infecting the wound and speeding the healing process.

Another study(conducted by the University of Washington) may incline that sweating can decrease the number of kidney stones. Exercising, especially on a hot, sunny day, makes your sweat glands to give all they can. By sweating, our body loses water and starts to dehydrate(main reason why it is always good to have a bottle of water with you while doing your workout). When it starts to dehydrate, you will feel thirsty and you will keep drinking more and more water, raising your daily dose of liquids. A hydrated body can’t develop kidney stones and if already has some, it will be more easier to eliminate them in a natural way, without surgery.

All the reasons for you to become a better athlete can be done with the help of the sweat glands. Sweating helps weight loss and the appearance of a toned, clear skin. After 3 or 4 sessions of workouts outside in the fire temperature, the entire body will be more toned and all cellulite excess will be reduced almost to 0. Sun burns fat, literally. Some people can feel that their dimensions have been slightly reduced after a tough workout. Exercising will improve metabolism, making the body to burn calories faster, to not transform sugar and carbs into deposited fat and to keep away hunger(from the amount of water that are you drinking).

Sweating and exercising together can level up your mood, by secreting endorphins. Your brain will be put in movement too once you started to exercise. People suffering from depression can benefit a lot from this extra effect of sweating. Once you start your workout, the brain will focus on maintaining the breathing, to control the blood circulation and to decrease the body temperature(and secreting the happiness hormone), that when you are done with your workout, your mind will totally forgot about what saddened you before. The entire body(brain included) will enjoy the wellness. This technique will help angry people too. Taking out the angriness on a boxing bag is way better than letting it out on the person you care about. Some athletes had anger issues and that helped them reaching the top, because the putted all that anger into a productive workout.  

The only purpose of endorphins is not the one that enhances your happiness and there is a secondary one that relieves pain(that is why athletes will feel almost nothing when they got hit during a training; their bodies are so full with endorphins so they will feel the pain after a couple of minutes, maybe hours). But they are useful when something hurt you out of the blue and instead of taking a pill, you should better exercise. Dr. James Ting of Hoag Orthopedic Institute says that “Exercise stimulates neurochemical pathways in the brain, resulting in the production of endorphins that act as natural painkillers.”

And one last benefit(not that they aren’t enough until now) is that sweating keeps colds and strengthens the immune system. An athlete will be far more healthy and protected than a regular human being.  Dr. Diane De Fiori, a dermatologist at the Rosacea Treatment Clinic in Melbourne, Australia, was saying that it can actually fight tuberculosis and other dangerous pathogens alike in a press communicate sent to Medical Daily: “Sweat contains antimicrobial peptides effective against viruses, bacteria, and fungi. These peptides are positively charged and attract negatively charged bacterial, enter the membranes of bacteria, and break them down.”

Become a better athlete by trying new sports in the summer

If you live near the sea, then surfing is an exciting option. It’s not an easy sport and the hardest part about it is keeping the balance on the surfing board and knowing how to catch waves. All surfers have a 6 pack and incredibly well built bodies(because all groups of muscles are used in the process). Plus, they have to swim their way to the waves, burning more calories with every wave. The risks are almost none, because if you fall, you will fall in the water(there’s a little probability that you will touch the surfing board when you fall and hurt yourself). There are no dangers in the water, because you are still close to the shore and it can be lots of fun.

Also, diving and swimming are all part of the same process. For those who don’t know yet to swim, it’ll be a great opportunity to learn it and to build all muscles at once. Learning to dive in the ocean might require some months, but in the end, it’s all worthed. A common mistake that most people do is to think that they don’t sweat by swimming, diving or surfing or that because they are already in the water, they don’t need to hydrate by drinking water.. The body sweats no matter of the environment(that meaning you can be in water through the process) and will lose precious amount of liquids. Professional swimmers train a couple hours per day just like other athletes.

If you are not that lucky and the sea is only the holiday destination, then regular sports, like basketball, volleyball, tennis and football will be always available. They can’t be done all in the same time and to excel in one of them, you must dedicate precious time to it. But if you hadn’t played any of them in your life, then start to play all of them for a couple of weeks and see what will fit you the most. You may not like one of them, but you may be pretty good at it. You can love basketball, but you won’t do much at it if you are short, since it’s made to be a game for tall people.

Volleyball is made for people that can work in a team and anticipate every move of their opponent and teammates. Tennis is made for those with a good reaction time and high agility. A big, musculous man can’t play tennis, due to its weight. But from all of them, football is the most accessible one and everyone can play it(if you play in a beginner team, no one will expect from you to have the skills of a professional). Football has become the most popular sport worldwide with the highest incomes for its players. Coordination is the key along with increased resistance to running(some football players stay on the field throughout the whole game).