Sift Away Reviews

By | January 11, 2017

Sift Away is a litter box that’s supposed to relieve cat owners of most of the effort involved in cleaning after their pets. On top of that, this “self cleaning” litter box should help owners save money, as it requires less litter. But this “tray system” is not exactly a new concept. Similar products are available from other manufacturers, and so are accessories that help cat owners create them at home. So what makes Sift Away special?

What is Sift Away?

This litter box is composed of 3 separate, interlocking trays and it requires no scooping or additional cleaning. Or at least this is how it should work according to the infomercial, which makes it look very promising. The product has a very simple design, and at the same time appears to be very effective.

Still, something is missing from the infomercial. We only get to see the actors removing solid clumps of litter that are very easy to displace. But unfortunately, cats don’t put in the effort to only leave behind small, easy to remove clumps. And as we’ll see later, this is a real problem when it comes to this product.

Sift Away is offered by Spark Innovators and it became available in 2015. Spark Innovators is based in New Jersey and specializes in “as seen on TV” products, and of course, Sift Away is one of them. But unlike other “as seen on TV” products, this litter box is not available in the stores that carry this type of merchandise.

How Does Sift Away Work?

The Sift Away system consists of 3 trays, all of them with perforated bottoms. It’s only available in blue, and it’s 17in long and 12.5in wide. And at first glance, it might seem like any litter placed in it would spill. But the trays interlock, creating a solid bottom that doesn’t allow sand or liquids to seep out. Still, in order for the trays to interlock properly, the owner has to remember their right order. But this is not at all difficult if the litter box is cleaned as instructed.

The process is very easy, as it only involves removing the top tray and placing it at the bottom. The clumps that form after the cat uses the litter box stay in the top tray. As the owner removes it, the rest of the litter (which is still clean), stays in the litter box, held by the other two trays. All that the owner has to do is throw away the contents on the tray and place it at the bottom of the litter box, under the other two trays. Each of the trays becomes a top tray and then a bottom every third cleaning. It’s a very simple process, and it should require very little work from the user.

Sift Away should work equally well with all types of litter, and it should require less of it compared to similar products. Since the clean litter just falls through the grate onto the other 2 trays, the owner never has to throw away usable product. Which is probably why Sift Away is not as deep as other litter boxes.

This product is 4.5in high. But as we’ve mentioned earlier, the owner must make sure that they place the trays in the proper order. If they don’t, the trays won’t interlock and will allow liquids and litter to seep out.

Where can I find Sift Away?

Currently, Sift Away is only available for order on its official website and on Amazon. The official website offers it at the price of $19.99 plus $7.99 for shipping and handling. For an extra $7.99 fee, the package will also include a second Sift Away and a grooming mitt. The website takes orders from clients located in the US and Canada, and delivery can take up to 6 weeks.

This might bother some clients, but Amazon might be able to fulfill the orders much faster. And prices start at around $19, so this option is almost as good as the website. But it’s hard to say if products purchased through Amazon come with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Those purchased through the official website do, and clients must keep in mind a very important detail: the guarantee only applies if they return the products within the 30 days. Simply contacting the company during this period isn’t enough.

What are the pros?

Sift Away is indeed very easy to use, just as advertised. The owners don’t have to scoop up the clumps, or to buy litter as often as before. This litter box is a good option for cat owners who want to reduce their monthly litter expenses.

What are the cons?

Unfortunately, this litter box has the same issues as all similar products. Cats don’t only leave behind solid, easy to pick up clumps. Liquids make the litter stick up to the bottom and the sides of the litter box, which means that the owner still has to clean it carefully. This might not be a problem with cats that don’t like to dig deep into the litter, but most do, so the issue is very common.

Also, because the litter box is not very deep, cats tend to spread the litter everywhere. Again, this might not be a problem in all cases, but the average cat will make a mess. And obviously, Sift Away can’t work well for large cats.

Also, some owners have mentioned that the litter box doesn’t seem very durable. The plastic is not very thick. Still, no one has complained about the product cracking or breaking yet, so this might not be a serious reason of concern. Lastly, many clients have had problems with the product after forgetting to stack the trays in the right order. Which tends to happen when the owner has to clean the tray before placing it at the bottom.

Bottom line

Sift Away might work great for kittens or small cat breeds, but not so much for larger cats. And even then, the cleaning process is not always effortless for the owners. Simply put, despite its advantages, this product is not as efficient as advertised.