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By | March 5, 2016

Scentbird is a website that allows its subscribers to try hundreds of designer fragrances at very affordable prices.

Its purpose is to help perfume lovers enjoy the newest and most popular fragrances, and without having to choose between small samples and full-size bottles.

Scentbirds’ bottles hold just enough perfume to be used for a full month, allowing the users to truly experiment the scent before purchasing full-size bottles. This website might just be a perfume lover’s paradise, so let’s see how it really works.

What is

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Scentbird website was launched in 2014 and is owned by a company based in New York. At the moment, it only caters to clients located in the US, but it’s expected to extend its market in the near future.

A subscription-based service, Scentbird sends its members a new bottle of perfume each month. The price of the subscription is fixed at $14.95 and covers a small bottle of perfume no matter what is its actual value.

Members can receive either the perfume of the month or one of their favorites as the website allows them to make a wishlist.

They can even choose the order in which they would like to receive the perfumes. And there are many different options, as Scentbird offers over 450 perfumes and colognes from the most popular brands. These include Burberry, Gucci, Valentino, Fendy and Tom Ford among others, and also other celebrity brands.

Each bottle holds 8 ml (0.3 oz) of perfume, which makes for 120 sprays and is enough for a full month of moderate use.

Men’s and women’s perfumes come in similar bottles, with the only difference being the color of the glass. It’s pink for women’s perfumes and completely uncolored for men.

The glass bottles go in a case, which is received by the members along with their first order. It’s black, but many color options are available on the website for those who want to have each of their perfumes in a personalized case.

How does work?

One great feature of this website is that it allows users to see all the perfumes even before becoming subscribers.

The perfumes can be browsed based on gender, type of scent, occasion and season, and visitors can see a detailed description of each of them.

More importantly, they’re able to see reviews from the users. These are very helpful, and not only because it helps visitors better understand the scent itself.

The reviews prove that the perfumes are original, relieving potential clients of the most common concern regarding perfumes sold online.

The company claims that the perfumes are original but doesn’t offer any proof that backs up the statement, so customer reviews are decisive.

And Scentbird encourages members to leave reviews by using them to create personalized recommendations. This feature can be used by members and visitors alike, and it’s very helpful.

Those who are unsure of what scents they’re looking for can take a quiz that matches them with a number of perfumes. And in the case of the members, the suggested perfumes change according to their past reviews, making the results even more accurate.

The subscription

Those who are interested in receiving a new perfume each month can choose among a number of subscription options.

The first option only covers one month, and it’s available for $14.95. It’s actually the most expensive of the subscription because the other options slightly decrease the monthly price. A

3-month subscription is available for $43.50, while a 6-month subscription is priced at $84.

The largest discount (of $16) comes with the 12-month subscription, which is available for $164. But all 4 subscription options work very much in the same way.

The subscriptions renew automatically on the 4th of the month, so those who want to cancel must do it before this date.

It doesn’t matter on what day of the month the member subscribed initially, all subsequent charges will be made on this particular day. Which also happens to be the last day when the members can choose which perfume they’d like to receive next. If they don’t, Scentbird will just deliver them the perfume of the month.

The perfumes are always shipped on the 15th of the month and take at most 10 days to arrive. Except if the first order is placed between the 5th and 20th of the month, in which case it will be shipped on the 25th. And shipping is always completely free of charge.

But it should be kept in mind that Scentbird doesn’t offer refunds. Not even to those who choose to cancel the subscription long before its expiration date.

Also, it doesn’t offer replacements, so those who are unhappy with the perfumes have no way of receiving something more to their taste. Still, these terms are understandable given the affordable price of the perfumes.

And the perfumes can also be purchased without a subscription. Visitors and members alike can order them for $16.95, plus $3 for shipping.

The subscription price covers one perfume a month, but nothing stops members from ordering as many as they would like.

Delivery is free for orders over $50, and the packages are shipped within 48 hours since placing the orders. But unlike members, visitors can’t order perfume bottle cases.

These are priced at $12.95 (and the shipping is $3 in this case too) and are shipped to members along with the monthly perfumes. The small bottles of perfume delivered to non-members are never accompanied by cases.

Other products

Scentbird allows customers to purchase full-size bottles of all the perfumes in the catalog. Of course, their prices vary depending on the brand, but members can use their monthly credit.

This credit is worth $15, and it can only be used to purchase full-size bottles, never the smaller versions.

Also, clients who order large bottles are charged a $7 delivery fee, unless the total value of the package is over $50, in which case the shipping is free.

And unlike small bottles, full sized ones can be returned within 15 days since receiving the order, if they’re unopened. But the clients won’t receive cash refunds, only store credit. Still, it can be used for the purchase of both small and full sized bottles. And in the case of the clients who are also subscribers, perfume bottle cases.

Lastly, both subscribers and visitors can order gift cards and gift sets. Gift cards are available for the 3, 6 and 12-month subscription options, and are sold at their regular prices.

Gift sets contain 3 small size bottles chosen to represent a specific theme, and all of them are available at the same price of $49.95.

Clients can choose from a total of 8 sets, 5 for women and 3 for men, among them Parisian Sophisticate, Miss Daydreamer, and Mr. Billionaire.

Gift sets are delivered free of charge, and just like the full-size perfume bottles, can be returned in 15 days.

Also, the refunds are only available in the form of store credit. On the plus side, each gift set comes with a free month of subscription. And unlike the regular subscriptions, gift subscriptions never renew automatically.

A free month of subscription is also available for the members who refer their friends to Scentbird. The friends will receive the same bonus, but for the referral, policy to apply they have to pay for one of the subscriptions first.

What are the pros? is one of the best possible choices for people who are looking for a signature scent. Small samples are not enough to properly test a perfume, but wearing it for a full month will surely do the trick.

And it’s just as great for people who love changing their scent often. Members and visitors alike can enjoy 12 different perfumes at the price of a full-size bottle, and they don’t even have to wait a full year to get them.

The small bottles are available for order at any time, and while they’re slightly more expensive than those included in the monthly subscription, they’re surely worth it.

Because despite this company being in business for 2 years now, we weren’t able to find any complaints regarding fake perfumes.

In fact, most perfumes have positive reviews, and all of them come from real, honest users. Also, it’s fair to assume that the customer service is very friendly.

There aren’t any complaints regarding unwanted charges, which is amazing given that the subscriptions renew automatically.

What are the cons?

Scentbird offers quality products and good customer service, so it has almost no drawbacks. One small problem might be the number of perfumes available, which some might see as too restrictive.

Clients can’t find everything that they’re interested in trying, even if new perfumes are added constantly.

Also, Scentbird only offers the most popular perfumes, so it’s not the place to find rare or niche fragrances.

Lastly, the small size bottles can’t be returned for a refund or exchanged, and this might bother some of the clients.

Bottom line is worth a visit by any perfume lover. It offers original fragrances for both women and men, and at very affordable prices.

It’s particularly helpful for those who are looking for a signature scent, and since it has almost no drawbacks, we would certainly recommend it.

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