Review Guidelines

As we’ve mentioned before, we here at ByAdvisor, along with all the visitors, are very interested in everything you have to say about certain products and services.

We encourage sharing your opinion, whatever it might be, as long as it’s based on real facts and it could help other people that are interested in the same products make good choices.

But before posting your review or stating your opinion in the comment section of those posted by others, there are some things that we would like for you to know, as they will be very useful in your writing process.

What Products Can You Review?

As ByAdvisor is focused on the products available through the online medium, we need your opinion on all kinds of products and services, from beauty, health or entertainment to income and investment opportunities.

You’re free to review any purchase you have made through the internet if it’s available mostly through this medium, except for products in the adult category. So if you want to share any experience about a product that is not easily available in stores and can’t be properly tested before buying, this is the place to do it.

Our purpose here is to create real images of products and services that can’t be directly analyzed, so you can talk pretty much about any product marketed through the internet.

What Makes a Good Review?

First of all, we need you to have had a real experience with a certain product or service, as this is really the only way that your review can be helpful to other customers. We understand that you might have found a product to be particularly interesting, or maybe it belongs to a field in which you have much experience, but we need your first-hand account. Or maybe you have had a bad experience with a company and you feel like all products released by them must be faulty.

Well, you might be right, but we are trying to judge the products based only on their own particular qualities. That’s why we need you to be able to let us know exactly how the chosen product performs, beyond personal beliefs on convictions.

We would also like you to be passionate about trying to help other potential customers, keeping in mind that we are not only expressing our personal opinions so more information can be available online, but to actually improve others’ shopping experience. Try to give advice based on real facts, remembering that each of us has a specific way of appreciating certain qualities, and what might be considered great by you personally might not be able to help many people.

Also, something that might be perceived by you as rage inducing might only slightly bother other users. So try to keep a healthy balance between what the product can do and your personal opinion. We would like for you to be completely honest and feel free to say whatever you want, but also try to put yourself in the position of people with different tastes or personalities. And as this is a friendly environment, feel free to ask questions in your reviews, to start conversations and to capture the attention of people that are interested in certain products.

Another thing that we would like you to remember when writing reviews are that we need all the details we can get. Don’t concentrate on only one feature that you find wonderful in a product, or the opposite, that one thing that you believe has ruined it for you personally. Let us know exactly what, how, at what cost and in how much time does the particular product do its job. Also, we would like to know about availability, price, customer service, and all the other details that you yourself would like to discover when reading a review. And it’s easy to do so, you just have to put yourself in the position of a potential buyer.

And for the reviews to be easy to understand, we would like for you to pay special attention to grammar and formatting. We carefully read the reviews ourselves before posting them, and sometimes we even edit them if certain points seem unclear. But there’s only so much we can do if a review is completely confusing or almost impossible to understand. And when we do edit reviews, we make sure that we do not change the message intended by the writer, so you can be sure that if we modify any review that you have submitted, this won’t affect the opinion you have expressed.

One more thing we would like to mention is that an overly negative review for a certain product should be rightfully deserved. Try to find out if any negative experience might have been caused by something as simple as not reading the instructions carefully or by a customer representative that had the worst day of their life and wasn’t able to act professionally. If possible, try to contact the company and get more information on any problem you might have had, and if it still doesn’t help, feel free to complain to your heart’s desire while helping others not to make the same mistake you did when choosing that certain product.

We expect these guidelines to be followed also when posting comments on existing reviews. We want your personal opinion, but we would also like for it to be based on real facts. And comments too might be edited if needed, of course, while preserving their true intent. But we would like to receive any advice or questions you might have and for you to actively participate in the conversations that could ensue.

What Makes a Poor Review?

We would like for you to refrain from profanities, threats or any use of language that might be perceived as insulting or intimidating. Hate speech is in no way acceptable and it will keep your review (which might actually be helpful otherwise) from being published. Also, we won’t publish plagiarized reviews or those written with the intent of self-promotion. This is a real problem as companies with generally bad reviews always try to change the way their products are perceived by writing positive reviews or having third parties do so.

These types of reviews won’t pass our scrutiny, and even if by some chance they do manage to get published, they will be quickly discovered and removed. The only way a genuine review won’t be published is if it’s by some way completely useless. Too little detail, no actual facts or a very confusing way of expressing yourself will also keep your review from being posted. But this is not a common occurrence, so don’t worry that your review might not be good enough to be published.

And we have the same attitude towards comments. We will remove any comment that contains insults, hate speech, advice based solely on personal opinions or that is generally trying to instigate arguments. You might be familiar with the concept of “comment war”, and know exactly how easily a wrong way of expressing yourself could lead to hurtful comments and outright insults, and we won’t tolerate something like this on ByAdvisor. We want our comment sections to be just as friendly and helpful as the reviews, as no one should be made to feel uncomfortable.

Why So Many Rules?

As you can see, our guidelines are designed to protect the visitors of our website as much as the contributors, and respecting these simple rules should come easy for any person that is interested in being helpful. We are hoping that every person in this community has good intent and will provide useful information for the rest of us, so feel free to start writing about any experiences that might help others make good shopping choices. We don’t want to impede anyone’s right to free speech, but at the same time, we would like for the members to feel safe at all times and to only be provided with useful information.