Nerve Renew Reviews | Best Neuropathy Support Formula?

By | March 10, 2017

Nerve Renew Top Neuropathy Support Formula or Scam?

These days, the market for dietary supplements reaches far and wide in terms of health issues, with neurological health and strength being among the most popular topics covered. A product such as Nerve Renew can thus become quickly popular due to its promise to alleviate and help manage the most common symptoms associated with neuropathy (nerve problems).

Taking into consideration that neuropathy is a problem connected to a number of diseases and health afflictions, Nerve Renew does hold the promise to become a ‘favourite’ in this area of pain relief and overall wellness. But does this supplement deliver its promised relief or is it just another commercial scam? Let us find out.

Nerve Renew – General View

Nerve Renew is a dietary supplement which promises to offer a neuropathy support formula. Among its most prominent claims we can include the ability to ameliorate tingling and numbness sensations in the extremities (hands and feet), reduce burning and pain in nerve endings, and also diminish the mental stress which usually accompanies these sort of symptoms (anxiety, depression, etc.).

Nerve Renew comes in the shape of a plastic bottle containing 60 individual capsules, namely 2 weeks’ worth of administration (the recommended serving size is that of 2 capsules twice a day).

The manufacturer behind Nerve Renew maintains that the supplement’s potency and efficiency are owed to its patented formula containing a number of vitamins, antioxidants, essential acids, and herbal extracts, which work together in order to reinforce nerve connections and prevent further damage from occurring. As a result, you should experience better coordination and less discomfort over time when using this enhancer.

To further support these claims, the manufacturer offers a 1-year money-back guarantee, which implies that you can return your unused capsules within 365 days of purchasing and receive your money back in full (minus shipping & handling fees).

This product was previously marketed under the name Neuropathy Support Formula.

What Are the Ingredients of Nerve Renew?

As previously mentioned, Nerve Renew contains a series of ingredients aimed specifically at nerve restoration and pain relief, namely:

  • Vitamin B1 (300 mg)
  • Vitamin B2 (4 mg)
  • Vitamin B6 (4 mg)
  • R-Alpha Lipoic Acid (150 mg)
  • Vitamin D (500 IU)
  • Proprietary Blend (43 mg): Feverfew Extract, Oat Straw Extract, Passionflower Extract, Skullcap Extract

The company behind this product maintains that, by using the aforementioned components inside its capsule formula, Nerve Renew becomes ‘the most complete nerve supplement on the market’. As a consequence, it would be capable of offering support in the case of neuropathy regardless of its underlying cause (diabetes, physical trauma, vitamin deficiencies, etc.).

The manufacturer also endorses the idea that the B-complex vitamins (vitamin B1, vitamin B2, and vitamin B6) that enter the composition of Nerve Renew are 3 times more bioavailable to the cells in your body than other similar products. This property would thus allow the vitamins to be assimilated faster and therefore deliver quicker pain relief and reduction of nerve discomfort.  

R-Alpha Lipoic Acid or R-ALA, for short, is employed as a water-soluble antioxidant in light of its role in the various transformations linked to glucose. Since neuropathy is one of the most common problems in those who suffer from diabetes, R-ALA is used in Nerve Renew due to its potential to meliorate nerve numbness and delay further damage from occurring by facilitating a better processing of natural and synthetic sugars alike.

Similarly, vitamin D is used in Nerve Renew as a means to boost calcium assimilation, as well as promote cell regeneration and reduce inflammation. The consequence would hence be nerve strengthening and restoration over time. Vitamin D occurs in a reduced number of natural foods, so its presence inside dietary supplements is far from being a novelty (especially in the case of those who cannot benefit from sun exposure, which also enhances vitamin D levels inside the body).

Additionally, the organic extracts – from feverfew, oat straw, passionflower, and skullcap – are claimed to be obtained by the Nerve Renew manufacturer in optimal conditions. This implies that they are verified in terms of quality, potency, and degree of contaminants via an NIR or near-infrared technique (which is non-destructive and highly accurate).

What is the Connection Between Neuropathy and Nerve Renew?

In theory, the overall formula for Nerve Renew sounds like a recipe for success in terms of neuropathy alleviation. In fact, the manufacturer maintains that you can achieve visible results within a week of using Nerve Renew, with a continuous usage of 4 consecutive months being the optimal timeframe for the supplement to exhibit its full effects.

While these claims might sound more than ideal to someone who has to face the struggles of neuropathy on a day-to-day basis, how well do these promises, ‘facts’, and ingredients fare in real life?

To begin with, we must take into account the fact that neuropathy can be connected to a myriad of health issues ranging from diabetes, vitamin deficiencies, and various injuries or traumas to chronic kidney disease, inflammatory problems, and specific hereditary issues.

Moreover, neuropathy can even be an idiopathic health occurrence, meaning that doctors cannot pinpoint a specific cause for the patient’s nerve damage (especially in the case of peripheral neuropathy).

Accordingly, the ways in which neuropathy manifests itself are equally as diverse and complicated, the most common symptoms including numbness and tingling sensations in the hands and feet, skin sensitivity to traumas, reduced capacity to sense temperature changes (either hot or cold), loss of coordination, and muscle damage over time. In more extreme cases, neuropathy can even lead to dizziness, incontinence, and cardiovascular problems (for instance, palpitations).

Unfortunately, the lack of a singular or particular cause for neuropathy makes it even harder to treat on a long-term basis. Maintaining a close relationship with your doctor or personal physician can help you determine the best course of action for better managing your specific symptoms.

A professional’s opinion is even more valuable when wanting to try out a new method for pain alleviation and movement control, as is the case with supplements like Nerve Renew.  

What Nerve Renew is trying to achieve through its proprietary blend is to supposedly restore nerve functions and capacity by working at a cellular level.

The vitamins, antioxidants, and organic extracts present in this supplement should promote a higher rate of cellular regeneration, thus providing your body with the necessary tools to ‘bypass’ the negative impact of the different health problems which cause neuropathy in the first place.

But this begs the question: is boosting your nutritional intake enough to accurately combat the side effects of neuropathy?

How do the Ingredients in Nerve Renew Work then?

The main argument brought by the manufacturer behind Nerve Renew is that the ingredients used to make this nutritional enhancer work towards achieving improved cellular renewal at the level of the nerve endings.

It is true that nutrients such as vitamin B1 (or thiamine), vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) or vitamin D are essential components that help the human body function properly (which is attested by the fact that any significant deficiency in any of these nutrients will result in negative symptoms).

But a closer look at research focused on these vitamins most often than not shows that there is no sufficient information to link them to any realistic improvement of neurological capacities or nerve restoration in time (particularly in instances of diabetes, which have been shown to include a great portion of neuropathy sufferers).

Whether the findings of studies focused on these particular nutrients were insufficient, inconclusive as a whole or resumed to controlled animal testing, the bottom line is that a definitive consensus over the efficiency of such vitamins with regards to neuropathy has yet to be reached by specialists.  

Aside from the possibly ineffective ingredients themselves, another argument in this sense would be their excessive employment in the composition of Nerve Renew. As any quick internet search will inform you, the human body does require vitamins to work normally, but only in a limited amount for each.

As a consequence, any excess of any of such substance will have to be ‘flushed out’ of the system, otherwise, you run the risk of the ‘residue’ doing more harm than good in the long run.

For Nerve Renew, the ‘good’ news is that all 3 B-complex vitamins are water-soluble (meaning they are easily excreted), with only vitamin D being a fat-soluble vitamin (it gets stored into the organism). The ‘bad’ news is that all of these nutrients are used in potentially health-harming doses for each serving (2 capsules).

If we look at the numbers established by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), then it is easy to see how vitamin B2 reaches the 480% daily value threshold, vitamin B6 the 400% daily value, and vitamin D the 250% daily value one. Nevertheless, vitamin B1 takes an unwanted lead at a 27,500% daily value rating, which accounts both for the nutrient’s high bioavailability and real health-threatening risk.

While generally safe for human consumption – even in higher dosages – these vitamins cannot be properly excreted by the organism if it is constantly overburdened with an excessive amount of substance it cannot process within the system correctly.

And the symptoms normally associated with vitamin overdosing are not pleasant at all since they include dizziness, gastrointestinal upset, and even nerve damage (in more serious instances).

Moreover, the patented formula made up of herbal extracts – from feverfew, oat straw, passionflower, and skullcap – does not indicate how much of each ingredient gets included into Nerve Renew, which raises the same issues as explored above in terms of safety and daily value intake alike.

The only ingredient which gets a ‘green light’ in terms of quantity in Nerve Renew is the R-Alpha Lipoic Acid, but mostly because there have not been sufficient studies to determine which is the maximum daily intake to be considered safe.

Most similar enhancers can contain as much as 600 mg-1200 mg of R-ALA as their daily intake, making Nerve Renew a pretty safe bet by comparison (300 mg per serving). Still, minor interactions have been noticed with medication for diabetes (since R-ALA raises blood sugars), so caution is advised in this sense.

Are there any Side Effects to Nerve Renew?

As shown above, the excessive usage of vitamins can be detrimental to your overall health through symptoms such as irritability, visceral discomfort, and cardiovascular issues.

While reported cases of vitamin overdoses are rare, it is very easy to put a significant strain on your body but using supplements such as Nerve Renew on a long-term basis.

For example, calcium accumulations – as enabled by the higher content of vitamin D inside this enhancer – usually generate prolonged episodes of constipation.

As is the case with any sort of dietary supplement, special caution and a mandatory doctor’s consultation are required for individuals who fall under certain medical categories (such as pregnant or nursing mothers, elders, people already undergoing medical treatment for specific conditions, etc.).

A special warning sign can be drawn for those who suffer from diabetes since some of the ingredients in Nerve Renew can (paradoxically!) interfere with medication for this particular disorder.

But, despite having such excessive amounts of vitamins in their product, the company behind Nerve Renew claims that there are no major side effects associated with this supplement. But do their customers agree?

What Sort of Feedback Has Nerve Renew Received So Far?

Since Nerve Renew is the more recent renaming of the product in question, the most current reviews for the supplement are still to be found at its Nerve Support Formula counterpart.

Theoretically, a general 3.7 stars/ 5 stars rating should place it as an above average dietary supplement, but reviews are still mixed for Nerve Renew: while some customers claim to have noticed a real improvement in their neuropathy symptoms, others maintain that not even a prolonged employment of this enhancer (up to half a year, for example) resulted in any real changes in alleviating their pain or discomfort.

Consequently, the most common positive feedback has been that of improvement related to neuropathy symptoms over time, whereas the most recurrent complaints concerned the product’s high price and possible ineffectiveness in certain groups of individuals.

What are the Prices and Customer Refund Policies for Nerve Renew?

There are several purchasing packages for Nerve Renew available online, such as that of 1 month’s supply ($63 + $6.97 shipping & handling fees) or 3 months’ supply ($129 + $9.97 shipping & handling fees). The most ‘attractive’ offer nonetheless is that of a 14 days trial for only $6.97 (the shipping & handling fees); after this timeframe, you will be regularly sent 1 month’s supply at a discounted value of $43 (unless you discontinue your order).

The problem with most Nerve Renew outlets is that you will be automatically signed up for the monthly shipment of the product. For the most part, auto ship programs are easy to get ‘tricked’ into and equally hard to cancel, meaning your credit card will potentially get charged monthly for a product you may or may not wish to continue using in the future.

Since a good part of Nerve Renew’s negative reviews are linked to its higher cost (~ $2.33 per day, as opposed to the average $ 0.70 of other dietary supplements) and the issue with auto shipping programs, choosing a trustworthy and official source for this product becomes paramount when wanting to try it out personally.

One positive aspect related to Nerve Renew is that the company offers a 1 year money-back guarantee, which means that – if you are dissatisfied with your experience regarding Nerve Renew – you can then receive back the investment (minus shipping & handling costs) from your most recent purchase of this product within 365 days. This statement can nevertheless be questioned as well, since some reviewers claimed to have gone through unpleasant interactions with the Nerve Renew customer support when trying to cancel their autoship programs (let alone recover their money!).

Nerve Renew – Overall Conclusions

The bottom line for Nerve Renew is that its benefits and drawbacks appear to be split down the middle.

On the one hand, we have a good vitamin and antioxidant composition coupled with a fair amount of positive reviews from previous customers.

On the other hand, said nutrient content is used excessively, with some previous users of Nerve Renew attesting against its efficacy and also complaining about its high pricing range.

All in all, the only way to decide whether Nerve Renew can help you in your quest to manage neuropathy is to give it a try yourself. Just keep in mind to ask for your doctor’s opinion and look for the safest and most professional-looking selling outlets for this product from the very beginning.