How to Tell if You Might Have Adult ADHD

By | January 29, 2017

How to Tell if You Might Have Adult ADHD

The term ADHD has been promoted in the last decades at children that have too much energy and can’t focus on school or on simple tasks. Being a child with this issues does not bring you any benefits, since you can’t pay attention to the teacher, you have insecurities, there are kids who can bully you, you will find homework hard and sometimes you can’t understand it all, during tests, you might not be able to anything at all. We will try to describe how ADHD feels like for a child.

Firstly, they find themselves doodling or drawing anything on their notebooks instead of taking notes. They pay no attention whatsoever at what the teacher is saying, because they have short attention span. This inconvenient will go over no matter the circumstances.

If the class is in total silent and the teacher tell them to write something, if someone is reading out loud, if they are being told to read or to solve something, this problem will be there.

They tend to distract others as well, talking to them in the middle of the class. Every pen and object on their desk becomes interesting just by the look of it and soon after it becomes a toy. While they are during a test, there are two outcomes, they might just finish the test way too early (among the first students that finish it) or they can finish it last.

Secondly, their ability to not focus happens at home too. ADHD kids and adults require special medication prescribed by a doctor. If the effect of the medication passes too early, then they might be rude to you for no reason.

They can’t focus at one task at a time, going through many tasks at one. They start one project and after a short while, when the completed half of the project their mind skips to another project, which they will start immediately, leaving the other project waiting.

Sometimes they forget what they were going to do next, like for example, they enter a room and they figure out they don’t know why they are in there or what they were suppose to do.

If the child in currently not on medication, might experience a lot of energy that keeps bursting out of them, they dance, they sing, they jump on bed. Also, when the day is over, they are completely wiped-out, their energy level is on the bottom, because their brain consumed more energy when has to focus on multiple tasks.

When something it is said to them, they hear it, but their brain cannot process it all the time, so it’s like things for them go in one ear and out of the other ear, so they have to ask again for the question or the request. They lack attention, so they are craving for it.

People don’t believe in ADHD or ADD to be a serious problem, most of them think of it like it’s an excuse for someone to not do something.

You are born with ADHD and of course, the mental disorder will follow you through life.Now, as an adult, ADHD can become more pronounced with age or it can become more sole.

To determine if an adult has ADHD, you need four things: your childhood history, behavior analysis, honest assessment and a mental health expert. At step one, you need to check your childhood history for problems like poor grades or not paying attention on school. Problems like this can be treated like “it’s just a child”. Step two is to figure out if you have other behavior disorders, like anxiety, alcohol addiction or depression.

Studies show that 1 out of 4 people who suffer from ADHD can have other related behavior disorders. Step 3 is to analyse and to be honest to yourself if you notice the ADHD symptoms (they include forgetness, always being late, low self-esteem, becoming angry faster than others and having a difficulty in controlling it, boredom, lack in organisational skills, difficulty concentrating when reading, changes in mood and they tend to have unhealthy relationships.

Adults with ADHD often tend to mess up their lives, break up with several spouses, they tend to not focus while they are driving, which results in driving violations and they can’t give their 100% at work, resulting in them being fired and in employment gaps.

Since a child that it is off his medication suffers from hyperactivity, an adult is dealing more with inattention. Those who notice this symptoms on themselves are advised to go seek professional advice. With medication prescribed by a doctor, ADHD can be controlled. Therapy helps too. It is believed that the lack of dopamine may be a cause of ADHD, since patients who had done a brain scan had a deficiency of it.

There are adults in their 40s or 50s who are struggling every day with the disease. They explain that they’ve experienced problems maintaining friendships, coping with the day to day life, explaining to their spouse for too many times how they feel and sometimes, they had problems with their kids. They are always late, leaving the child to wait for them. If it only would be for just a couple of times, but no, this happens all the time and the child feels like he’s abandoned and that his parent does not care for him.

Most of the adults who experience such things are seen as irresponsible and they have to deal with it, knowing that they can’t do more. Most of them are diagnosed after their 30s, because no one takes them seriously. Not only the people around them were curious about why they are that way, but them too. It’s a happy time for them after they are being diagnosed.

They felt missed out and it hurts for them to feel that way. They feel that they can’t provide for their family because everything they start isn’t finished at its top best. When the children of a parent with ADHD tries to talk to them, they usually feel like they are not being listened.

The parent tries to listen, but as they say, their thoughts are going in thousands of directions and they can’t cope with them. They have this blank stare, similar to a person that is bored or uninterested. They admitted that sometimes their mind is off-grid, even if they say they pay attention.

Dr. Edward Hallowell says that there isn’t an increasing number of patients with ADHD, but they just get diagnosed more. Most of the doctors thought that this mental disorder could only appear at children, not adults and now that they know this is not true, they are able to identify it and give the patient treatment.

There are about 80% of the adults that experience same symptoms that don’t know they have ADHD. There is a misconception among humans that ADHD may appear while you are an adult, which is false. As stated above, you are born with it and in the majority of cases, it is a  genetically transmitted disease. There is a chance for you to develop it and there is a chance you may never have it, depending on the environment you grow in.

People confuse ADD with ADHD, but the difference is quite simple actually. People that are diagnosed with ADD are not so hyperenergetic like people who have ADHD.

Now, since we talked about the symptoms of ADHD and how it interacts with your life, it is fair for you that we reveal some signs that indicate you do not have this mental disorder. The following signs are:

  1. You finish projects in time: you manage to focus on your deadlines and to finish what you need to complete in a non-stressful manner. You don’t start 10 projects and complete them by 50%. While you choose the project that needs to be done asap, you dedicate yourself 100% to it and only it.
  2. You have the same job for more than 6 months: people with ADHD tend to not complete their daily tasks and they get warning and some get fired from their jobs. Some of them just get bored of the current job or company and they quit and search for another. Some of them might even start their own company out of boredom.
  3. Your parents and siblings don’t have this mental disorder: if no one in your family had ever experienced ADHD, there is a high probability you don’t have it. This disease is over 75% inherited from our parents or grandparents.
  4. You have no trouble reading: it has proven that about 40% of those who experience ADHD have dyslexia, no matter what their age is. Search the internet to discover how to figure out if you have dyslexia, how to treat it and how to live with it.
  5. You are a good listener: if your friends confide in you and tell you all their secrets, because they trust you and because you are a good listener, then there is high chance you don’t have ADHD. People with the disorder tend to interrupt others who talk and they look rude and careless. Even if they struggle to listen, there is high chance for their thoughts to be somewhere else.
  6. You do not overreact: if you can keep your calm under stress, if you can manage your anger issues, if you know how to react appropriately in different situations, then you can remain calm, as you always do, because you don’t have ADHD. A drama queen is the perfect example of an adult or child with this disorder.
  7. You have your bills and taxes paid: since people with ADHD forget all the time, they don’t have anything paid on time. They lose their house and they have their electricity cut in just a matter of months. Even if they have received the bills and read them, they forgot the date until they can still pay them.
  8. You can do two tasks at the same time: if you work on something and your daughter comes and asks you where are the keys, you can tell her without her breaking your focus and without raising your eyes up. You can talk on the phone and cook at the same time. You can read an article on the internet while paying attention to someone else.
  9. You are almost never late: you know how much time is left and what can you do with that time. People with ADHD are always late and you can never count on them when they are estimating a time. It’s not their fault and they don’t do it by choice, they just don’t know the notion of time.
  10. You are never lost: if you can read a map and search for direction if you are think you are lost, we can’t say the same about a person with ADHD. They can get lost in a new area they are exploring, they get lost while they try to find the number of the classroom or a new address for the company.
  11. You read all this article with no problem: you realised it was easy to read, you’ve earned a lot of knowledge and you weren’t distracted while reading it. A person with ADHD needs several attempts to finish an article of this length. You are lucky.

This are the most obvious signs that you do not have ADHD. There are others too, but only a doctor can intercept them. You have to be honest with yourself and identify it as soon as possible. If you are not sure about this signs, ask your closest friend if he can help you with self-analysis.

If you have no one that is correct, seek for medical advice. It is better to know, then ignore it. The doctor will prescribe you medication that will keep you focused and interested in many of your life’s aspects. Your social life will improve and you will experience less problems in your marriage and relationships with your children.