How ByAdvisor Work

Although the essential details of our activity here at ByAdvisor are explained in our “About us” page, we feel like some points deserve a more in-depth discussion.

We will also answer some questions that might be pondered after learning what ByAdvisor is generally about, as our goal is to offer complete disclosure not only when it comes to the product information we post, but also about our activity as a company.

Why Do We Do It?

How many times have you tried to find real facts about a product or service you’re about to purchase just to discover dozens of web pages, each offering different information and conflicting opinions? Or worse, you might have encountered only strangely positive reviews. Well, so did we. And that is just too much work and a complete waste of your time.

We needed a place where consumers feel like they are safe from all the false advertising that is used by many companies as the only method to market their products.

As more and more of us are getting accustomed to using the internet as a way to make our shopping, these businesses will keep on growing and trying to take advantage of trustful customers.

We really need to build communities where we can trust each other’s opinions and help in improving everybody’s shopping experience.

You as a customer, we that provide you with information, and the trustworthy companies that offer quality products, we all win if we work together.

Because the problem with scammers is not only that they’re wasting your money, but that they’re also stopping you from putting it to good use, from investing in a product that would actually bring you satisfaction.

The aggressive advertising of useless, or worse, damaging products make the ones that are worth you attention slip under the radar. That’s not fair, and none of us should be forced to deal with it.

What Products Do We Talk About?

You’ll find a large variety of products and services on ByAdvisor, and what most of them have in common is their online availability.

These are the products that are more easily accessible online or are marketed exclusively through the internet or shopping channels.

You will most likely never get to see them before making a purchase, and reviews are the only sources of information about their quality and the customer service offered by the producing companies.

We go out of our way to get all the real information we can find before posting a review and make it our purpose to present the truthful information that we ourselves would like to read if interested in a product.

And we do it through reviews that are not only destined to help you in making better choices but also to be enjoyable. We would like you to have fun here and open up about your own experiences. Each opinion is important in creating real images of products that are otherwise inaccessible for testing.

Do We Use These Products Ourselves?

Unless we specify the opposite, it’s safe to assume that we have not used the products we review. What we do is combine truthful information offered by companies themselves and as well by other sources, and gather real experiences from third parties that have used these products themselves.

We are not paid by companies to write positive reviews and we do not receive products for testing if this would lead to compromising out integrity.

This community is intended as a source of all the available real information about certain products and services, designed to make your research easier and in no way to persuade you to make purchases you don’t need.

And when you do buy products that we have reviewed, we would surely like your opinion. Individual experiences, combined with the information that we or the other contributors already offered, create an image that is as close to the truth as it gets.

We would like to know how your experience went, and so would decent companies that are actually interested in improving the quality of their products or in offering advice for a more satisfying usage.

Many bad experiences are often the result of misunderstandings or simple errors and could be fixed with just a little interest and patience.

Why So Many Negative Reviews?

Well, as complaining is in our nature, many customers would rather share their bad experiences. And even though voicing your opinion is always a great thing, this could lead to an overly negative review page for a product that although not perfect, is also not by far as bad as it looks.

That’s why we would like you to give your honest opinion even if all other experiences seem the exact opposite. And the same goes if other opinions are overly positive.

If you had a bad experience, share it. Just as products that seem like a complete waste of money might have their uses, so could products that look great have some issues to fix too. It’s all about balance.

And this should be also kept in mind when you’re interested in only reading the reviews of a product. Overly negative reviews are not necessarily proof of a bad product, and in this case, you should give it another chance and investigate further.

Gather more information, and if it still looks bad, only then you can come to the conclusion that it would make a bad choice. And on the other hand, great reviews don’t guarantee that a product will perform the way you personally would expect it too.

Someone’s “great” might be someone else’s “average”, so keeping the opinions of others in mind, think about what a specific product can do for you. Many of the products presented on our site are health supplements, and it’s a known fact that these products, in particular, don’t work the same for every person. So expectations should be reasonable in this case, no matter how great some have worked for others.

But Can the Reviews Be Trusted?

They surely can. No review gets posted before being carefully read or even edited if need be. We make sure that reviewers have actually used the products that they talk about and that our guidelines were respected.

We are very skilled at identifying untrue reviews, and opinions posted for the sole purpose of changing the image of a product rarely make it past our tests.

And even when they do manage to get posted, their time here is short lived, as we quickly discover the true nature of a false review and eliminate it.

You need to understand that these events can’t be avoided completely given that everybody has the same right to express themselves online.

Companies with a bad name will try to make their products more trustworthy, while some will even go as far as to post negative reviews about competing products.

But as these reviews rarely make it past our tests, and even then are quickly deleted, this is not something you should worry about.

What Keeps Us Going

Even though is not intended as a way to make money, it’s many expenses needs to be covered.

As we’re not interested in false advertising and paid reviews, we will never accept offers that would end up contradicting the exact purpose of what we’re trying to do.

We want to develop a community that functions as the exact opposite of websites that provide false information in change for money. So our revenue is based mostly on the advertisements provided by Google AdSense.

These ads are the ones you encounter when browsing our site, and they might be related to the product that you’re currently reading about, especially if it’s the kind of product that is commonly found in your online searches.

If not, the ads could present you with products that have nothing in common with our activity and only refer to your past online activity.

We have no control over the ads, as they are determined only be AdSense’s specific algorithms. And we only get a revenue when you’re actually interested in an add.

Clicking it from our site provides us with a predetermined sum, for the simple fact that our website is the place where a certain product has captured your interest.

What these products might be we have no way of knowing, and we have nothing to say in your choice in researching them further. We don’t promote them intently, but of course, we don’t discourage your interest either.

And this is where the most part of the money needed to develop this community comes from. A smaller part of our revenue comes from our affiliate program, which is nothing like what most visitors have become used to on other websites.

We only promote a very small number of products, which we actually use and have our complete trust.

You can be certain that a review followed by a link to a website where you can purchase a product is 100% genuine.

Lying to you would not only be against everything we believe in, but it would also be harmful to us in the way of losing you as a member of our community.

It would make us no better than the sites that we are helping you to avoid, and we can assure you that something like this will never happen. And out affiliate relationships only go on as long as they work for you.

Even if we consider a product or service as a great use of your money, if in the long run, the customers seem to have an overly negative opinion on it, our affiliate relationship with the company will not go further.

A product that works great for us might not work great for you, and if the negative reviews pile on it means that there is an actual problem with it, and the last thing we want is for you to be disappointed.

And we wouldn’t risk it if we wouldn’t have to, you have to understand that running a website as complex as this one is not an easy feat and takes up a lot of resources.

What We Need You to Remember

This website is a community. We present you with information and we need you to do the same so all of us can help each other when it comes to online shopping choices.

Each voice matters, either if it’s a complex review or a simple comment. Don’t be quiet when you visit us. Say whatever it is you want to say (if it’s respectful of course, and more details are available in our “Review guidelines” page), ask questions and offer answers to those in need.

We want this community to be friendly, providing you not only with useful information but with an environment that makes you feel welcomed.