Hormones can improve your life

By | November 5, 2017

Inside of our organism are to be found hormones that can improve the quality of life. Hormones can improve your mood and implicit, your happiness, can improve your sex life or the life as a bodybuilder. An unbalance in the hormone levels causes depression, the lack of libido, changes in weight, muscle growth and many more. Balancing hormones can help you in all the aspects, from eating less, to losing weight, to have more energy, etc.

Hormones may improve the quality and the length of life

After the age of 45 or earlier, menopause or andropause starts to gain roots and there are certain changes in the hormones levels that will cause unpleasing effects. The lack of libido, heart related problems, such as increased blood pressure, and high cholesterol levels are just a few of the symptoms that they will feel. A hormone treatment will balance the system and all those problems will disappear for ever, improving the quality of life and raising the time they have left.

Losing weight with hormones

Weight gain due to the lack of hormones can happen to both men and women, women from the lack of estrogen and men from the lack of testosterone.  Fluctuations in the hormone levels lead to emotional eating, changing in mood, cravings and the lack of energy to workout. By bringing all that together, there is a high possibility that the person in cause will gain weight. Restoring the levels of hormones will make the kilograms go away and until the imbalance is fixed, no matter how much someone will exercise and live a healthy life, they won’t see the expected results.

Sleeping well and having more energy

The lack of hormones drains the body of energy, leaving it powerless throughout the day. The energy level is practically zero and will remain the same until the imbalance is fixed. You won’t be able to exercise, you will feel the need to sleep more. This can be a side-effect of the menopause and most of the people think that losing their energy and mobility has to do with the age, but they are wrong(because it all has to do with the hormones). A solution(until the hormone imbalance is fixed) is to exercise extra. Exercising will secrete dopamine, serotonin and testosterone.

Besides the lack of energy, insomnia is also an effect. The time wasted while you are trying to sleep will reflect on the next day. The next day, you will feel more tired and irascible and the effects of the unslept night will have a word to stay on your general health. Once the hormones levels are restored, insomnia will no longer appear and you will have energy throughout the day.

Improving sex-life with the help of hormones

Your sex-life will suffer after your hormones will have an imbalance. If your libido drops so low, sex will be out of the question and not only the intimate relationships will suffer, but emotional ones too. You need a very understanding partner to support you for the whole period(hoping that he won’t be upset on you). Once the hormones treatment is over, the libido will be restored and in some cases, even improved.

Hormones can help you focus

The same as it affects mood, it will also affect the power of concentration or the ability to remember details. The person who lacks hormones has a bad mood, is more irritated by everything around, but as soon as the levels of hormones are restored, then the mood goes back to normal and the focus and your memory will be as new.

Hormones can bring happiness into your life

Feeling depressed may have something to do with the hormones. A study published in Psychological Science in 2008 came to the conclusion that a part of the genes that we inherit have something to do with happiness. Some hormones and neurotransmitters improve our mood and decide for us if we are happy or not. The main hormones that can help restore your mood are:

  1. Serotonin: is a neurotransmitter, mainly found in the intestinal tract(and a small part in the nervous system). Some weight loss supplement claim that their ingredients can secrete serotonin in the gastrointestinal tract and make the person in cause more happy, so they would eat less and stop their cravings. Serotonin is used as an antidepressant and the way we can add it to our body naturally is by exercising. There always have to be a balance in the hormone levels, otherwise “serotonin syndrome” may occur. In the  “Relative toxicity of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) in overdose” published by J. Toxicol. Clin. Toxicol., they suggest that taking an overdose of antidepressants that contain serotonin, creates a toxic effect for the organism and can even cause death.
  2. Oxytocin: has many names, including “the love hormone”. It is used as a hormone and as medicine for helping pregnant women to give birth, diminishing the labor pain, increasing its speed and stopping the bleeding after the labor, according to drugs.com. Oxytocin works in 3 different ways, helping 3 branches: fear and anxiety, social skills and mood and depression. Humans or animals who have a higher level of oxytocin in their bodies can detect easier when someone expresses disgust, according to the study “A Direct Examination of the Effect of Intranasal Administration of Oxytocin on Approach-Avoidance Motor Responses to Emotional Stimuli” published on US National Library of Medicine. Oxytocin helps the instinct of preservation, increasing fear in humans and animals. Oxytocin acts differently in men and women. In women, can improve social skills, whilst in men can decrease the difficulty to hunt or to attack enemies. Finally, the thing that we’ve talked about, bringing happiness into our lives, start with oxytocin. It has an anti-depressant effect. It can be secreted in a natural way by spending time with our loved ones or by reducing stress.
  3. Dopamine: only in the brain acts like a neurotransmitter. World-wide it is sold as an intravenous medicine that helps heart related problems, especially in newborns. In the body, it is that feeling when you get when you win something, when you are being promoted, etc. You can boost it in a natural way by dreaming smaller and setting activities that you can finish in the same day. The pleasure of achieving those activities comes from dopamine.
  4. Progesterone: it is a sex hormone involved in all the women’s cycles, like pregnancy, menstrual cycle and menopause. It is also being called the pregnancy hormone. In women, if the pregnancy will not occur, then the progesterone levels will drop and from there menstruation takes place. Besides this, it can improve your night sleep(insomnia will not appear as long as the levels of progesterone are high). The levels of progesterone drops in the period before women’s menstruation and can be boosted naturally by keeping a healthy diet.
  5. Estrogen: can help serotonin to be secreted and it is alike other hormones, meaning that will raise your mood and reduce irritability, and alike progesterone, its levels drops at the menopause. Estrogen can be really helpful in women with polycystic syndrome(they lack estrogen, because their body produces more male hormones, testosterone). In order for their body to function and to have a chance at pregnancy, they are advised to seek treatment with estrogen. To boost it naturally, have a life without stress.

Hormones can help you develop muscles faster

The muscles can be built easier with the help of two hormones:

  1. Testosterone: it is the male sexual hormone. It is an androgen hormone, meaning that everyone who takes it will have the features of men(more brave, more strength, more hair growth), even if it is taken by women. Women that wants to become bodybuilders take testosterone to ease their tasks at the gym and to look more alike to a men. It is a common doping form among athletes, but still it is prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency. Athletes that are found with this hormone in their system will be disqualified, but that’s not a problem for those who want to become bodybuilders. Besides increasing muscle growth, has other benefits too, like restoring libido, improving immune system and strengthening bones.
  2. Insulin: the hormone secreted by the pancreas. It is influenced by the levels of the sugars in the organism, so when the sugar levels are high, the body will secrete more and more insulin, leading to the end, to diabetes. But, insulin have benefits too. If insulin manages to transport glucose, fatty acids and amino-acids into muscles, instead of tissues or fat cells(if it does that, the body for will increase), then the muscles will grow.

How to boost your levels of hormones for a better growth of muscles in a natural way

Sleep is very important to maintain high levels of hormones. Sleeping 7 to 9 hours per night is better than less, because when you are not sleeping(and mainly tired), the body secretes cortisol, a hormone that damages muscles. A good night sleep, without suffering from insomnia is desirable from everyone. Insomnia produces stress and irritability and will affect you throughout the day.

Decreasing stress levels, you help the organism not create an imbalance in the hormone levels. With the hormone levels being normal, you can enjoy life more. A few tips and trick about how to reduce stress: stop worrying so much about little things(worring will make you stressed and the more you are stressed, the more you are destroying the hormones), take yoga and pilates classes(even if those classes have more attention from women than from men, it is not a shame to learn how to be one with the nature, while you are relaxing and doing some exercises), spend more time with your loved one(it doesn’t matter if it is family, pets or your beloved), meditate for 30 minutes daily(focus your attention on relaxation and reducing stress).

Exercise can produce hormones if done correctly. Series of short time exercises increases the doses of hormones secreted. Also, the hormones will keep their levels if you keep the same program every day for your exercises. It is better to divide your gym schedule in tiny 5 minutes exercises, instead of working out continuously for half an hour or more. Lift weights for a couple of minutes, then go and drink some water and after another couple of minutes return to your workouts. As a plus, if you perform simple daily activities out of the gym, the hormones will thank you. Take care of your garden, walk on foot instead of using means of transportation, do household chores by yourself(without asking for help), cook and prepare homemade products and drinks(protein drinks can be of really help). Nutrition plays an important role too and for a better muscle growth, proteins and carbs should not be missed from the diet. It is recommended to eat more meat and vegetables. If the bones are not strong enough, they can’t support all of those muscles, so Vitamin D is preferred. You can get Vitamin D from pills and you need calcium for the bones too, which you can take from dairy products.

Caffeine, alcohol and other dangerous drugs, should be avoided or removed completely, because they affect directly not only the hormone levels, but also the overall health of the body. Smoking is included too(because it is seen as a drug). Smoking cigarettes and trying to be a bodybuilder and not a good combination. Nicotine destroys muscles and weakens the whole system. It has the effect like the lack of sleep, it will produce cortisol, reducing testosterone levels. Instead of drinking alcohol or caffeinated drinks, replace them with drinks for your muscles. Protein drinks are useful if they are being drunk one hour after the workout. As a little trick, you can add some carbs to it, because it will increase the secretion of insulin, so building muscles have never been easier.