Flotrol Bladder Control Formula Reviews

By | March 19, 2017

Flotrol Natural Bladder Control Formula – Does it Work?

These days, you will most likely be able to find supplements which are aimed to either ameliorate or solve pretty much any medical condition you might be suffering from. In the case of Flotrol, the emphasis is placed on the issue of bladder functionality and how it can be improved via this supplement’s proprietary blend of ingredients.

This latter formula should presumably eliminate embarrassing instances of frequent urination, leakage, and incontinence caused by an overactive bladder in a quick and safe manner. But how well do the claims made by Flotrol’s manufacturer match the product’s real results after all?

What is Flotrol?

Flotrol is a dietary supplement which promises to offer ‘natural bladder support’ via its organic components and patented formula. This enhancer is aimed at mature adults who have problems with bladder control – such as leakage and incontinence, for example – due to various health issues (an overactive bladder, previous physical and psychological trauma, etc.).

As the manufacturer states on the product’s official website, the formula for Flotrol is based on a series of ingredients which ‘have been shown to be safe and effective’ in the search for a solution regarding improved bladder control.

This blend is aptly named Go-Less® and advertised as a bladder control phytoestrogen complex. The main ingredients in this sense are pumpkin seed extract (Cucurbita pepo) and soy germs isoflavones (40% isoflavone extract).  

Each bottle of Flotrol contains 60 capsules. The daily recommended dosage of Flotrol is as follows: 5 capsules spread throughout the day (accompanied by a meal) during the first 2 weeks of administration, then a reduction to 3 capsules/ day (again, with a meal) for the rest of the administration period. Every individual capsule contains 200 mg of the active components in the Go-Less® complex.

Flotrol is accompanied by a 90-days money-back policy offered by the manufacturer (certain terms and conditions apply here, as you will see further on).

How Flotrol Works?

The aim of Flotrol as a dietary enhancer is to normalize bladder activity in the instance of different health afflictions which generate unwanted leakage, incontinence, etc.

The human bladder is a predominantly muscular and hollow organ, with a total liquid capacity of around 300-500 ml (10-17 oz.). Under normal circumstances, the walls of the bladder will stretch out as urine accumulates, therefore relieving pressure and allowing you to ‘store’ a greater amount of liquid without feeling the need to constantly urinate.

On the other hand, certain disorders can affect this urine storing capacity, thus creating a feeling of urgency to urinate even when your bladder is not yet full. Among these conditions, we can enumerate genetics (having a small bladder, innate irritability, the inability to empty your bladder completely when urinating, etc.), cystitis, bladder stones, and bladder cancer. In addition, stress, pregnancy, and menopause can have a negative impact on your urinary habits on a short and long-term basis as well.

While serious medical instances need to be assessed by a medical professional, bladder issues normally associated with aging and minor internal imbalances can be aided by dietary enhancers such as Flotrol.

The manufacturer of Flotrol asserts that this product helps maintain muscle strength and flexibility through its ‘all-natural’ and ‘clinically proven safe’ formula that should help adults ameliorate and even completely eliminate their bladder dysfunctionality issues.

In theory, the natural extracts present in Flotrol should help your bladder muscles relax more and therefore sustain the presence of a greater quantity of liquid before ‘signalling’ the need to urinate. This is especially helpful in the case of older adults (both male and female) when frequent urination can definitely affect the quality of life during daytime and nighttime alike.

Flotrol – Main Ingredients and Their Natural Properties

As mentioned before, Flotrol is mainly based on a proprietary blend called Go-Less®, a patented formula that contains pumpkin seed extract (Cucurbita pepo) and soy germ isoflavones (with 40% isoflavone extract). Other ingredients present in Flotrol (as stated on the product’s label) are microcrystalline cellulose, stearic acid, magnesium stearate, and silicon dioxide.

The manufacturer responsible with Flotrol argues that the choice, its 2 main active ingredients, was made in light of their natural bladder-supporting properties. But does the hard science match the slogans? It would appear so.

For instance, some studies focused on the health potential of pumpkin seed extracts showed that this element acts positively with regards to diminishing urethral and bladder pressure, as well as promoting meliorated organ capacity to retain urine for longer.

Moreover, this extract’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties have been investigated in light of their ability to ameliorate prostate hyperplasia, namely when the organ’s cells begin to over-multiply (it can be a benign or malignant process). Pumpkin seed extract has also been associated with a clear improvement in the case of an overactive bladder disorder (or OAB).  

As for the soy germ isoflavones, research concludes that these can have a substantially positive impact on urinary health and even inhibit tumor formations in the bladder region. Isoflavones are phytochemicals that can be described as ‘plant hormones’ because they help these organisms develop properly. To a certain degree, isoflavones can be compared to female estrogen in terms of hormonal activity (although with a considerably much smaller potency). Since soy is currently the most isoflavone-rich plant known to man, it then makes sense to use it as a primary ingredient in a supplement aimed at bladder wellness and functionality.

To a certain degree, isoflavones can be compared to female estrogen in terms of hormonal activity (although with a considerably much smaller potency). Since soy is currently the most isoflavone-rich plant known to man, it then makes sense to use it as a primary ingredient in a supplement aimed at bladder wellness and functionality.

Even though these encouraging findings should not be ignored, we must also take into account that research still needs to be done in relation to both ingredients for them to be considered as ‘miraculous’ as Flotrol’s manufacturer argues them to be.

Most such tests are usually centered either on animal subjects (rats, for instance) or small human groups, meaning that a definitive answer with regards to these components’ large-scale efficiency is still under debate.

Additionally, there have been no conclusive studies to determine the actual necessity or safety of the daily value (DV) recommended for these extracts. As we can see from Flotrol’s label, the 1000 mg (the equivalent of 5 capsules) and 600 mg (3 capsules) contents respectively are not compared to any official DV numbers.

While natural extracts and vitamins are usually safe even in higher concentrations, ‘overdosing’ even on these organic substances can have detrimental long-term effects such as gastrointestinal issues and unhealthy nutrient deposits inside the organism, for example. So be sure to check with your doctor first before starting to use Flotrol so as to be on the safe side of things at all times.

Flotrol Side Effects and Safety

One obvious safety concern regarding Flotrol is that of its active ingredients, with the presence of soy being the most problematic for those who are prone to allergies to this element in particular. This implies that you should avoid using Flotrol if you are sensitive or allergic to soy, so as to avoid unwanted allergenic reactions.

As with any dietary enhancer, consulting with your doctor or personal healthcare provider is essential before making any sort of major change in your living regime. This caution applies in particular to pregnant and nursing women, those who are already taking medication for various health problems (especially chronic issues like cardiovascular problems, diabetes, etc.), and individuals who are to experience a surgical intervention in the near future.

The manufacturer of this enhancer warns customers that the ingredients present in Flotrol might interact with their condition or medication in a negative way, which is precisely why a specialist’s opinion must be consulted before taking Flotrol.

Moreover, Flotrol is not recommended for children under the age of 18 years.

Flotrol and Customer Feedback

Although a fairly recent addition to the supplement market, Flotrol seems to be quite appreciated by users who have experienced bladder issues in the past and have sought relief from this medical issue through dietary enhancers.

The 3.1 stars/ 5 stars rating on Amazon places Flotrol as a slightly above average dietary supplement. Still, the lack of a more extensive basis of reviewers is also to be noted when looking at this product, while the manufacturer’s advertisements cannot be themselves taken into account as a result of their business.

In general, the opinions regarding Flotrol found in the online environment are split between those who claim to have experienced an improvement in their condition when using this product and those who advise against using it due to its elevated pricing and lack of positive effects over time.

So far, there have been no notable complaints regarding the supplement’s side effects.

Pricing and Customer Guarantees for Flotrol

You can buy Flotrol from the company’s official website in various packaging options and their subsequent advantages. Obviously, larger discounts apply when purchasing more bottles of Flotrol: for instance, you can expect to pay $39.95 for 60 capsules (1 bottle), but $79.90 for 180 capsules (3 bottles) or $119.85 for 300 capsules (5 bottles).

Standard shipping takes 4-10 workdays for the US and around 21 days for worldwide orders, while free shipping applies to US residents only (this means that you will have to pay an additional S&H fee if you order this product from another country). Additional shipping fees also apply if you order just one bottle of Flotrol (+$6.95), if you want this order to be delivered faster to you (+$12.95) or if you want a larger order delivered to you more quickly as well (+$6.99).

If you choose a different online outlet for purchasing this supplement – which is not recommended by the manufacturer in the first place – then make sure you are not registered into an auto ship program against your will (this is where you receive a new order of the product each month and your credit card gets billed accordingly). This does not happen when you order Flotrol from the official website since you have to call customer service each time you want your monthly order renewed.

While some might consider this process inconvenient, it is actually very helpful if you decide to stop using Flotrol for different reasons (unpleasant experience, dissatisfaction with the results, etc.), but want to avoid long and tiresome conversations with customer service so as to receive your money back – as is usually the case with auto ship programs.

Similarly, the manufacturer behind Flotrol accompanies the supplement with a 90-days money back policy. This satisfaction guarantee applies only to unopened bottles (opened items are non-refundable) within 90 days of the original purchasing date. In addition, S&H expenses are also non-refundable.

Consequently, this policy is advantageous only if you purchase more bottles of Flotrol at a time, since the instance of ordering a single one – and then using it – will not be covered by the aforementioned policy.

Flotrol – General Conclusions

All in all, it appears that Flotrol holds the promise of a reliable and ultimately effective dietary supplement focused on improving bladder health and normal functioning patterns.

While researchers still need to gather more conclusive information on pumpkin seed extract and soy germ isoflavones in relation to their impact on bladder wellbeing, the current findings on these ingredients can indeed be paired with the customer reviews for Flotrol to reveal a generally well-regarded product for this particular disorder (regardless of its causes).

Hence, if you are struggling with a lowered quality of life because of bladder incontinence and leakage, then you should take a chance on Flotrol and see if (or how) it can improve your day-to-day living regime.

And be sure to share your personal experience with Flotrol to help others in their quest for a healthier bladder and happier life too!