Dollar Shave Club Reviews – Does it Work or Scam?

By | July 20, 2017

Dollar Shave Club – How it Works and Review

Dollar Shave Club is a company with a unique approach to the market

Located in Marina del Rey, California, USA, Dollar Shave Club is an online company that offers a subscription service for razor blades. The type of blades set through a subscription plan can be changed from one month to another (this way several products can be tested). In case the number of cartridges exceeds the customer shaving needs, orders can be sent every other month, thus a significant amount of money can be saved. The subscription can be canceled anytime, for any reason.

Dollar Shave Club products and services


  • Starter kit initial shipment ($5 cost) includes a weighty handle, four Executive cartridges, a Shave Butter tube and a membership card. Afterward, replacement cartridges can be purchased for $9 monthly.
  • “Humble Twin” kit ($1 monthly plus $2 shipping) includes a  plastic, reusable handle and a two-blade shaver recommended only for face and sparse, fine hair. The blade has a shallow pivot head designed to optimize contouring. Each shipment contains 5 cartridges and a chamomile and olive oil lubrication strip.
  • “4X” kit ($6 monthly, free shipping) contains a four-blade razor adjusted for use on face/body and for thick or coarse facial hair. The cartridge attaches to a lightweight aluminum handle with a rubber grip. The blade has a wide open back enhancing rinsing. Each shipment encloses 4 cartridges and a chamomile and olive oil lubrication strip.
  • “Executive” kit ($9 monthly, free shipping) contains a six-blade shaver recommended for all hair types on the face, body, and head. The cartridge attaches to a heavy-weight aluminum handle with rubber grip. The six blades are more precisely aligned for improved comfort. Each shipment encloses 4 cartridges with lubrication strip with aloe, vitamin E, and lavender.

In 2016, asked eight male staffers to compare comfort and closeness of the shave and overall results after eight daily shaves using several different razor blades: Humble Twin and Executive (Dollar Shave Club); Fusion ProShield (Gillette); and Truman (Harry’s). The Humble Twin was the least expensive option ($0.60 per cartridge) but offered the least close shave while Fusion ProShield offered the closest, most comfortable shave but associated with the highest price. The other two options were in between. More details can be found here:

Shaving products in “Dr. Carver” Dollar Shave Club collection address all shaving steps:

  • skin preparation – besides obvious warm water, steam:
    • Prep Scrub ($9 for a 3oz) makes the hair stand up straight, facilitating razor access to the hair base and helps release the ingrown hair, thus reducing razor burn, bumps, and overall iritation. The component pineapple and papaya fruit enzymes exfoliate dead skin cells, this way offering an improved fresh feeling. The quality of Prep Scrub is highly appreciated by users but few complain about the insufficient amount in the bottle and the powerful scent (probably because they tend to overuse it?).
    • Pre-Shave Oil ($9 for 1oz)  contains natural oils that not only smoothen skin but also soften and condition hair, making it easier to cut and thus reducing nicks and razor burns. A small number of customers complain about the small size of the bottle and about the fact that a much larger than recommended quantity needs to be used for expected results.
  • the actual shaving:
    • Easy Shave Butter ($8 for 6oz) helps soften hair and thus offers a creamy smooth glide and fights razor bumps. A small amount of the product should be thoroughly spread onto the entire shaveable area, then wait for about 15 seconds and shave. While 95% of customers have positive reviews, occasional complaints appear about sink drain clogging and possible allergies generated by gluten contained in barley.
    • Easy Shave Butter Travel ($6 for 3oz) is the same shave butter in a smaller sized packaging, more convenient for traveling.
    • Pillowy Shave Lather ($8 for 4.5oz, two bottles per month are needed) has a thick formula due to its 4-oil blend that brings a protective cushion between the razor and skin but sufficient water should be added to avoid razor clogging. Additionally, quite a few customers complain about insufficient lubrication followed by razor burns and recommend the Shave Butter instead.
    • Pillowy Shave Lather Travel ($6 for a 2.25oz) is a smaller, travel-size package.
  • the after-care step:
    • Magnanimous Post Shave Cream ($9 for a 3.4oz bottle) soothes possible shave irritation and moisturizes the skin while, at the same time, quickly absorbing into the skin to avoid greasy remains. More than 95% of the users are satisfied with the product itself but some complaint about the bottle-style packaging
    • Miracle Repair Serum ($12 for a 2oz bottle) is a moisturizing, non-greasy product that relieves possible bumps, ingrown hair, burns or irritation through botanicals like Cypress berry with antiseptic effect, Solomon’s seal with anti-inflammatory effect, white-tea and blueberry extract with antioxidant effect and chemical agents like salicylic acid to reduce oily appearance. Many users appreciate the fact that this product is fragrance-free. The overwhelming majority of users (96%) are satisfied with this product, while still some customers struggling with really bad razor burns did not see significant improvement.

Savings of 20% are offered when purchasing Dollar Shave Club “Bundles”: Travel Butter Bundle ($11 price) containing two Shave Butter tubes of 6oz and 3oz size; Smooth Shave Bundle ($13.50 price) containing a Shave Butter 6oz tube and a Post-Shave Cream 3.4oz bottle; Miracle Shave Bundle ($16 price) containing a Shave Butter 6oz tube and a Miracle Repair Serum 2oz bottle.

Shower products in “Wanderer” Dollar Shave Club collection not only clean but nourish the body and stimulate the mind. The gentle (sulfate-free) formulation includes vitamins and natural extracts combined with sophisticated scents.

  • Dollar Shave Club “Awakening Body Cleanser” ($9.50 for a 12 FL oz tube) contains moisturizing coconut-derived cleansers and has a mint and cedarwood scent appreciated especially by male customers.
  • Dollar Shave Club “Calming Body Cleanser” ($9.50 for a 12 FL oz bottle) has a lavender and amber scent mostly appreciated by female customers and contains ginseng root extract (skin conditioning),  Black Walnut leaf extract (skin smoothing) and vitamins A, B, and E (antioxidants). It also contains coconut oil, so allergic users should be cautious. A small fraction of the users complains about the design of the bottle (leaking bottle top and hard to squeeze the product out of the bottle).
  • Dollar Shave Club “Awakening Body” Soap Bars ($7.50 for 2 PK, 5 oz each) with mint and cedarwood scent are appreciated by over 90% of users for the lather produced and the cleaning ability but few complain about the scent vanishing after a few days.
  • Dollar Shave Club “Calming Body” Soap Bars ($7.50 for 2 PK, 5 oz each) with amber and lavender scent is appreciated by the customers for its calming effect but some complain about its drying effect on the skin and about cracks in the soap bar after one week.
  • Dollar Shave Club “Hydrating Daily Face Cleanser” ($5.50 for a 3 FL oz tube) renews skin without clogging pores. It contains glycerin, a potent moisturizing substance naturally found in skin, lactic acid to brighten the complexion, ginseng root, and black walnut leaf extract to smoothen skin, vitamins A, B and E as antioxidants.  Advertised as containing citrus and Hawaiian ginger for a refreshing scent, some customers appreciate it but few complain about it.
  • Dollar Shave Club “Hydrating Hair and Scalp” Shampoo with sage and black pepper ($9.50 for a 8 FL oz bottle) contains pea protein and chamomile flower extract for hydration, lemongrass, and nettle leaf extract for improved scalp health, menthol and balm mint extract as relaxing agents. Some users complained about the smell (too strong and artificial), others experienced extensive skin drying while most agree that the quantity is too small for the price.
  • Dollar Shave Club “Hydrating Hair and Scalp” Conditioner with sage and black pepper ($9.50 for a 8 FL oz bottle) is recommended for use together with the shampoo since it contains the same botanicals. However, a single user complained about getting a rash on neck and chest, possibly due to allergies.
  • Dollar Shave Club “Lathering Shower Cloth” ($4.50 per item) made from natural bamboo and jute fibers to obtain an equally soft and exfoliating effect in the shower. However, more than 50% of the users are disappointed about the product lifetime (comes apart after a few uses) and small size (too small for average men hand size).

Products may be obtained at a more advantageous price (25% savings) when purchased in “bundles”: Shampoo & Conditioner ($15); Face, Shampoo & Conditioner ($18); Awakening

Body & Face Bundle w/ Cloth ($14.50).

Hair styling products in “Boogie’s” Dollar Shave Club collection improve hair health and looks through the naturally-derived botanicals they contain.

  • Bold Hair Gel in regular size (5.5 oz tube for $10) or travel size (3.4 oz tube for $7) packaging. The alcohol-free hair gel contains sea algae for nourishment, irish moss to improve hydration, silk protein for improved elasticity, biotin for added strength and black locust as a conditioner. Therefore, this gel offers improved strength without adding weight. Over 96% of the customers appreciate it as excellent, a few consider it overpriced.
  • Casual Hair Clay ($10 for 2 oz tube) is most suitable for short to medium-length hair. It offers matte finish and durable hold due to incorporated bentonite clay, moisturizes and softens through the contained extracts from flaxseed, acai oil, black locust and irish moss, while biotin prevents hair breakage and offers strength. The product is highly recommended by 98% of customers.
  • Smart Hair Paste ($10 for 3.4 oz tube) is appropriate for hair of any length, offering a more manageable finish and flexible style throughout all day, without feeling crusty, sticky or greasy. It contains golden barley for improved manageability, jojoba oil for a shiny finish, rosemary leaf extract for a refreshing sensation and swiss grape seed for protective, antioxidant effect. The product is rated as excellent by 97% of the users, though some find the amount insufficient for the price.
  • True Hair Fiber ($10 for 2 oz tube) adds thickness and fullness while being easy to rinse out, due to its natural ingredients from beeswax. The product is also highly appreciated by 95% of its users, the only complaint being related to the small amount for the requested price.
  • Dream Hair Cream ($10 for 3.4 oz tube) is a light hairstyler that has a non-greasy formula that provides hair with a soft and healthy appearance. It contains sweet almond and avocado oil combined with golden barley for a healthy restoration, black locust, and flaxseed for moisturizing and conditioning, swiss grape seed for its antioxidant effect.
  • Pacific Hair Pomade ($10 for 2 oz tube) has a smooth texture, gives hair a natural, low shine texture and rinses out easily. Conditions hair through its amino acid cocktail and black locust extract, nourishes through the contained sunflower seed oil and carob fruit extract while, at the same time moisturizing and promoting softness through the flaxseed within.

Skin care products  in “Big Cloud” Dollar Shave Club collection:

  • Good Shake Hand Cream ($6 for a 3 oz tube) while still drying quickly, it offers deep hydration through a blend of oils from Macadamia, Meadowfoam and Jojoba seeds combined with bean tree extract and vitamin E.
  • Face moisturizer with sunscreen ($9 for a 2 oz tube) has a protection factor of 25 provided through the contained octinoxate and zinc oxide and is appropriate for all skin types due to its light formula that doesn’t clog pores.
  • Sky Master” mint leaf balm with sunscreen ($6 for 2 pk) provides sun defense with its SPF 15, relieves cracked lips through a blend of natural wax and seed oils while being water-resistant.

“One Wipe Charlies” ($4 per 40 ct box) are flushable and biodegradable wipes with a peppermint scent offering a soothing effect.  Although generally highly rated by users, few complain about the packaging for not allowing to extract one wipe at a time.

Besides various products for shaving, skin care, and personal hygiene, another feature that brings a unique flavor to this company is the ability to successfully interweave personal care with entertainment since, with each delivery, customers get a “Bathroom Minutes” magazine featuring personal care and shaving tips. The blending of a convenient product with entertaining content helped the company attract customers.