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Lily Flying Camera Review

Rating: 1/5 stars If you fancy the idea of immortalizing your greatest adventures or some special moments from several angles and without effort, you will be inherently drawn to Lily Flying Camera and the innovative concept behind it. It is a portable device acting like a drone. Once tossed in the air, it can fly… Read More »

BasicTalk Reviews

BasicTalk Review – Is it Effective? Rating: 3.0/5 stars If you are not satisfied with your current telephone landline and you would like to give VoIP services a try, BasicTalk is one of the alternatives you will surely come across sooner or later. It is a VoIP telephone service launched in May 2013, by Vonage… Read More »

SimpliSafe Review

SimpliSafe Review Rating: 4.2/5 stars If you would like to improve your home security on a budget, with a smart system that does not require complicated technical interventions or a landline to work, SimpliSafe will surely draw your attention. It claims to be a simple yet efficient security system and has an affordable price for… Read More » Review | Does it Work or Scam?

If you want to keep your family and your belongings safe, you already know that a home security and monitoring system is mandatory, and you will surely look for one developed by a reputable company like Vivint. Known as one of the most successful smart home technology providers, they offer equipment and monitoring services meant… Read More »

KUBE Reviews – Does it Work or Scam?

Kube Sound Reviews – Find the Truth Rating: 3.7/5 stars If you like outdoor parties and listening to music so loud that all your neighbors can hear it, with a cooler at hand to keep your refreshments, the KUBE Sound could be just what you need. It is a sound system with a cooler incorporated… Read More »

Edwin the Duck Reviews | App Smart Toy

Edwin the Duck might look like an ordinary bathtub toy, but it’s “no ordinary duck”. It’s an interactive toy that connects to smartphones and tablets and has enough features to entertain kids 24/7. At the same time, it’s waterproof and it floats. It can still be used in the bathtub, just like a classic rubber… Read More »

DxO One Digital Camera Reviews | Does it Work or Scam?

DxO One is a small camera designed to be used along Iphones. It attaches to the smartphones through a Lightning connector, and helps its users take professional pictures without the inconveniences of larger devices. This camera turns smartphones into viewfinders, while at the same time allowing users to use all the features that accompany the… Read More »

iMemories Reviews | Check out iMemories Coupon

iMemories is a photo and video digitizing service that claims to help its users preserve their memories in the highest quality available. But while the company conducts its activity in Arizona, the service is available to clients all across US. This means that often times the “memories” have to be shipped across large distances. And… Read More »

TrackR Reviews | Does it Work or Scam?

TrackR is advertised as the perfect solution for one of the most common daily annoyances. This gadget is supposed to help its users find their keys, phones, wallets, and many other important items. It’s a tracking device that can be attached to almost anything and uses Bluetooth to connect with phones and tablets. TrackR is… Read More »

Lima Cloud Storage Reviews | Does it Work or Scam?

An alternative to Cloud storage services, Lima is a little gadget that allows its users to gather all their files in a single location and access them from any device. But unlike Cloud storage, it offers up to 7 TB of space without requiring expensive, monthly charges. And because it creates a personal network that… Read More »