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Wonder Core Smart Reviews | Does it Work or Scam?

Wonder Core Smart is an exercise machine that claims to provide “the ultimate total core workout”. An “as seen on TV” product, this device is small, compact, and surprisingly versatile. Wonder Core Smart main purpose is to help users strengthen their abs, but it can also be used to exercise other areas of the body.… Read More »

BodyCollar Reviews | Does it Work or Scam?

BodyCollar claims to help dog owners gain better control over their pets, while at the same time making sure the pets stay comfortable during walks. This products should start to improve the behavior of the dog from first wear, mainly by preventing it from pulling on the leash. And while at first glance BodyCollar appears… Read More »

Better Brella Reviews | Does it Work or Scam?

An “as seen on TV” product, Better Brella is supposed to be an improved version of the classic umbrella. It looks and serves the same purpose as an “ordinary” umbrella, so when first coming across this product, one might wonder what could possibly be different about it. All umbrellas use variations of the same simple… Read More »

Effortless Sheets Reviews | Does it Work or Scam?

Nobody enjoys making their bed early in the morning, but the task is fairly simple and far from time consuming. Still, Effortless Bedding claims that it can make it even easier. Instead of taking minutes to make their bed, Effortless Sheets users can finish the task in only seconds. Also, this product should help its… Read More » Reviews | Does it Work or Scam? is a people search service that claims to offer instant access to complete background reports. The information available through this website includes criminal records, financial details, and location history, in other words, all the details that are publicly available from various providers. But of course, the reports are not free. Spyfly is a subscription-based… Read More »

Ladybug Land Reviews | Does it Work or Scam?

Ladybug Land is a colorful insect habitat that aims to both educate and entertain young children. Equal parts educational tool and toy, Ladybug Land helps children understand the life cycle of the pink spotted ladybug. But this is not to say that adults can’t enjoy this product. Ladybugs might be some of the cutest insects… Read More »

ActivPhy Reviews | Best Dog Supplement Joint Support

Formulated according to the needs of older dogs, ActivPhy is an all-natural health supplement that claims to provide joint support. It’s supposed to promote bone, muscle and cartilage health. At the same time, it should many benefits for the entire body. The company claims that the product was developed by veterinarians and that it’s both… Read More »

Polar Pooch Reviews | Does it Work or Scam?

Polar Pooch is a self cooling pad that should help dogs keep a healthy body temperature during hot summer days. An “as seen on TV” product, Polar Pooch is only one in the dozens of dog pads designed in the same purpose. Regardless, it seems to have a number of advantages over the competition, so… Read More »