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Sift Away Reviews

Sift Away is a litter box that’s supposed to relieve cat owners of most of the effort involved in cleaning after their pets. On top of that, this “self cleaning” litter box should help owners save money, as it requires less litter. But this “tray system” is not exactly a new concept. Similar products are… Read More »

Shower Wow Reviews

Shower Wow is an LED shower head that’s supposed to make showers more entertaining. This product might just be the answer for parents who struggle to make their children take baths, and why not, for adults who find it hard to step into the shower early in the morning. Shower Wow creates a colorful display… Read More »

Tree Dazzler Reviews

An “as seen on TV” product, Tree Dazzler is a set of lights that spares its owners of one of the most annoying Christmas “traditions”: untangling wires. This set of lights never tangles and it’s as easy to take off the tree as it is to put on. In fact, installing these lights shouldn’t take… Read More »

Orbitrim Reviews

Orbitrim is a grass trimmer cutting head that’s supposed to do the job of 3 different tools. This product is advertised as a safer alternative to trimmers, edgers and hedge trimmers, as it’s supposed to work equally well no matter what the user chooses to trim. More importantly, Orbitrim is supposed to be 100% safe… Read More »

Miracle Plate Reviews

Miracle Plate is a plate holder that’s supposed to keep food from changing its temperature at a fast rate. Its main purpose it to keep food warm for longer, but it should work equally well for chilled dishes. Either holding a bowl of hot soup or a plate of ice cream, this product should help… Read More »

Star Night Laser Reviews | Does it work or Scam?

Advertised as “one of the most spectacular ways to decorate your home”, Star Night Laser should be a great alternative to Christmas lights. This device can cover virtually any surface in a shimmering “star field”. And unlike Christmas lights, Star Night Laser is extremely easy to install. It’s ready to go as soon as it’s… Read More » Reviews | Does it Work or Scam? is a website that connects homeowners with home improvement professionals. It matches users with licensed contractors, but it only focuses on window replacement. The website claims to help its users reduce their home improvement expenses, and the service itself is free to use. According to these claims, it would seem that RemodelHelpUSA can only… Read More » Reviews | Does it Work or Scam? is a website that claims to give its users access to rent-to-own and foreclosure listings. But to be able to browse the listings, visitors have to offer their contact details. Right from the start, it’s obvious that this is not a typical listings website. But as it turns out, the situation is even more… Read More »

AeroGarden by AeroGrow | 2016 Reviews

AeroGarden is a product that allows its users to grow vegetables and herbs with very little effort. It’s an indoor garden, and it doesn’t require soil or natural light. It can be placed anywhere in the home, and despite being designed mostly for vegetables, it can also be used for flowers. AeroGarden is so easy… Read More »

Veggetti Reviews

Veggetti is a vegetable slicer advertised as able to create meals that could successfully replace pasta. But while it’s very obvious right from the start that it can’t really achieve that, it’s still a very helpful product. What is Veggetti? This “as seen on TV” product slices vegetables into spaghetti or fettuccini size noodles, helping… Read More »