Category Archives: Education and Learning Reviews | Scam or Legit? is a parenting website that offers information on all stages of child development, from preconception to adulthood. A platform that allows parents to discuss parenting and family topics and support each other. This website has over 3 million members, many of which are contributors, so it offers a large amount of content. But along with… Read More » Reviews | Does it Work or Scam? claims to be an online resource for information on colleges and universities. This website aims to help those who are unable to increase their level of education by enrolling in on-campus courses, so it focuses on the options that are available online. Its purpose is to guide visitors and help them find the most… Read More »

CosmoLearning Reviews | Consumer Ratings

CosmoLearning is an educational platform that hosts hundreds of online courses. But it also offers documentaries, books and documents. Its stated goal is to provide a “free online school”, so all its resources can be accessed completely free of charge. And given that CosmoLearning educational materials focus on topics from over 50 areas of study,… Read More »

Coursera Reviews | Consumer Ratings

With over 10 million students, Coursera is one of the most popular educational websites. It offers hundreds of online courses built around video lectures, and it only focuses on higher education. But while it’s not the only website of its type, Coursera covers virtually all fields of study. Users have access to university level training… Read More »

Dogo News Reviews | Consumer Ratings

Dogo News is a child-friendly alternative to news websites. It helps kids learn about current events and scientific discoveries in a safe environment. At the same time, it allows them to interact freely and encourages them to develop their writing skills. Furthermore, Dogo News has features that allows teachers to use it as an educational… Read More »

Fact Monster Reviews | Consumer Ratings

Fact Monster is an educational website destined for children ages 12 and up. But unlike similar platforms, it doesn’t rely on games to keep its young users’ attention. Despite its whimsical name, Fact Monster has a simple format and offers information in a concise manner. What is Fact Monster? This website is part of the… Read More »

Techboomers Reviews | Consumer Ratings

Techboomers is an educational website destined for older internet users. Its purpose is to help seniors understand how the most popular websites function. At the same time, it teaches them how to stay safe while browsing the internet. It’s a great initiative given how many people struggle with new technology. But can it really help?… Read More »

Craftsy Reviews | Consumer Ratings

Craftsy is an online platform that offers access to hundreds of instructional videos on arts and crafts. Its stated purpose is to help its users develop their creativity, and it seems that it might just be able to accomplish it. Because Craftsy is not limited to tutorials, and offers users all that they could possibly… Read More » Reviews | Consumer Ratings is an educational website for children ages 2 to 7. Presented as an “early learning academy”, the platform prepares young children for kindergarten and elementary school. It has a very impressive curriculum that covers everything from reading to science, but the information is delivered mostly through games. And at first glance, ABCmouse seems like… Read More »

Go Math! Academy Reviews

Go Math! Academy is an online educational tool designed to help children understand math. The website turns learning into a game, as all the exercises are part of a fun journey. This setup takes the pressure out of a subject that is dreaded by many, but does it really work? What is Go Math! Academy?… Read More »