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5 Biggest Mistakes When It comes To Healthy Eating

5 Biggest Mistakes When It comes To Healthy Eating Picture this: you have decided to change your daily routine for the better by eating healthier and exercising more, but with no visible weight loss results. This quickly becomes frustrating for obvious reasons and might even leave you wondering: is it even worth it? Before you… Read More »

Daily Burn Review

Daily Burn Review Website: Rating: 3.2/5 stars If you are among the many people whose New Year’s resolution was to lose weight, but your busy schedule won’t allow you to join the gym, online fitness platforms such as Daily Burn will probably appeal to you. Why choose an online fitness program over a traditional… Read More »

Best 10 Weight Loss Tips According to Dr. Oz

Best 10 Weight Loss Tips According to Dr. Oz Let’s face the facts here: losing weight is never an easy task, no matter how much or little you are trying to cut down from the scale. Luckily, specialists like Dr. Oz have are constantly trying to figure out what is the perfect ‘recipe’ for weight… Read More »

Fruits that Help You in Weight Loss

In all honesty, no weight loss regime is ever complete without its fair share of fresh fruit on a daily basis. After all, they boost your metabolism, normalize your blood sugar in an organic manner, and help reduce or even eliminate a number of health issues ranging from cardiovascular problems to the aspect of your… Read More »

Take advantage of the summer to get fit

Working out in day time, in the summer is certainly more pleasurable than working out outside in a cold day of winter. You don’t have much of a choice, but to do your workouts inside, in a gym or at your place. The difference between doing your regular exercises in winter and in the summer… Read More »

Lily Flying Camera Review

Rating: 1/5 stars If you fancy the idea of immortalizing your greatest adventures or some special moments from several angles and without effort, you will be inherently drawn to Lily Flying Camera and the innovative concept behind it. It is a portable device acting like a drone. Once tossed in the air, it can fly… Read More »

Hormones can improve your life

Inside of our organism are to be found hormones that can improve the quality of life. Hormones can improve your mood and implicit, your happiness, can improve your sex life or the life as a bodybuilder. An unbalance in the hormone levels causes depression, the lack of libido, changes in weight, muscle growth and many… Read More »

Sweating more, an issue?

In a gym, there will always be someone that sweats a lot (you can see it clearly on their clothes) and some that no matter how much effort does, doesn’t sweat at all. Factors like body fat or the level of fitness can influence that. A person that is overweight or obese will sweat more,… Read More »