AngelLift Reviews

By | February 26, 2017

AngelLift Review – Rating: 3.1/5 stars

Staying youthful looking is certainly everyone’s dream, and there is a constant demand for anti-aging products and treatments such as AngelLift. Truth be told, some people would go to great and expensive lengths to preserve their skin looking smooth and toned, completely wrinkle free.

Both the cosmetics industry and medicine have developed highly specialized anti-aging products and procedures. Plastic surgery, anti-aging creams, and various non-invasive cosmetic procedures to reduce wrinkles have grown into billion dollar businesses.

However, the forever young looking industry is mined with false advertising and promises never kept by manufacturers or practitioners. Many people have experienced disappointment after investing thousands of dollars in treatments that did not yield the expected results or brought along undesired and painful side effects.

What most customers seek at the present is a safe, non-invasive, and pain-free treatment against the signs of aging, which delivers constant results over time, and has an affordable price. The one under discussion promises all these, and more.

What exactly can AngelLift deliver? How safe is AngelLift? Is its price worth paying? To answer these question, we need more than the seller’s promises, so let’s do our research and draw a conclusion based on facts, not myths and hopes.

About AngelLift

It is advertised as a non-invasive and pain-free treatment for the signs age leaves on the face, particularly around the mouth. The idea behind it saw the light of day during the Shark Tank reality show episode aired on May 2, 2014, and appealed to one of the investors as a viable business to invest in.

We are talking about dermastrips, easy to apply on one’s face. They supposedly fill up wrinkles and fine lines, leaving a clear, healthy looking skin that appears years younger than it used to before the treatment.

Aaron Bruce, who currently serves as Director of Product Development in the company, pitched the idea and is responsible for the initial hype around the AngelLift procedure. The company behind the product is Restoration Softwear, LLC and holds and A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

The business seems to date back in 2002, but, according to the data available on the Better Business Bureau website, it began its activity on June 17, 2014, in San Diego, California. Presumably, the new form of incorporation was the result of Aaron Bruce’s participation in Shark Tank, where he obtained an investor’s financial backing.

At the present, the company markets three versions of AngelLift:

  • Personal, which can be purchased by individuals for treatment at home
  • Professional, available for certified cosmetologists, dermatologists, and skin care professionals
  • Prescriptive, available only for certified medical professionals.

The current video presentation of the product for personal use features Dr. Bradley Evans, who holds the title of Board Certified Surgeon. He seems to be the key member of the team that developed the treatment as a side result of a research for developing a technology to counteract nerve damage. However, the fine print under the presentation clearly states that the cream does not aim to treat facial nerve damage.

How Does AngelLift Work?

The dermastrips are presented as an innovative non-invasive anti-aging device that works on the principle of patented sub-dermal technology. This technology is famous for its potential to fill up facial lines and, thus, reduces wrinkles.

The treatment involves applying a strip of clear silicone-like material under the lip and above the teeth. The presentation video available on the official website states that each round of treatment should last for a period of 30 minutes.

The AngelLift strips seem to be hypoallergenic, flexible, and reusable, although they require replacing every 60 days. During the treatment, the user should refrain from eating, drinking, and talking, to avoid accentuating expression lines.

After the first 30 days of use, the results should be obvious, and the seller claims that it is possible to reduce treatment frequency to one session per week or even one session per month, while still maintaining the wrinkle-free aspect of the skin.

Several customer reviews assure that the strips are not that flexible, and do not stay properly in place. Other users recount that they experienced discomfort in holding the strip behind their lips and against the gums, while others said that the strip kept falling over their teeth and required pushing back.

There is also a considerable number of reviews from customers stating that they did not notice any improvement in the aspect of their lower facial wrinkles even after completing the treatment according to the instructions.

There is yet another issue with the way these strips supposedly work. Dr. Bradley Evans, who is a part of the team that invented the AngelLift dermastrips, was involved in a third party research. However, there is no reference to the name of the institution or the study itself, other than the mention that they were testing technology to reverse nerve damage.

At the same time, provided that the dermastrips have clinical clearance, as the official website claims, there are no details available about the circumstances in which the clinical trials took place, how many subjects were involved, and when and how the conclusions were drawn. The links on the official website lead to a page that is no longer available, so they are useless.

Also, there are two lines of fine print below the Before/ After photo testimonials on the AngelLift website, stating that the images are not an indication of expected results and that the actual results could be influenced by factors such as age, habits, skin nutrition, and the environment.

These variables practically annul any claim to visible, sustainable, and replicable results among customers from various socio-demographic groups. The only guarantee available is the 60-day refund policy adopted by the developer, promising buyers that they can recover their investment if they are not satisfied with the results.

AngelLift Features

  • Comfortable, at home treatment, usable with ease by anyone
  • Compact sized and discreet flexible strips to be worn inside the mouth
  • No side effects
  • Universal treatment which can be used both by men and women without restrictions
  • No restrictions regarding pre-existing medical conditions
  • Non-invasive anti-wrinkle treatment (does not involve injections)
  • Short treatment sessions of only half an hour every day
  • 60 days money back guarantee and Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Available in 3 options, for personal , professional , and prescription use

AngelLift Pricing, Warranty and Return Policy

The Personal range is available in the Starter and Complete versions. The current offers for these two packages seem quite attractive. Here are the list and actual prices and the content of each version.

The Starter Pack, priced at $79 (discounted from $132), contains:

  • 2 surgical grade Dermastrips
  • 1 Dermalips lip care serum
  • Free gift: Microfibre PH (valued at $24)
  • Free standard shipping on the U.S. territory.

The AngelLift Complete Pack, priced at $119 (discounted from $191), includes:

  • 2 surgical grade Dermastrips
  • 1 Dermasome Moisturizer
  • 1 Dermalips lip care serum
  • Free gift: Microfibre PH (valued at $24)
  • Free standard shipping on the U.S. territory.

The products can be purchased either directly through the official website or through Amazon and other third party retailers, Amazon including the Free Accelerated Shipping option at checkout.

The AngelLift anti-aging treatment offers two distinct warranty options. The Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee states that the users should never need any other kind of wrinkle removal treatments after following through with the procedure.

If, at the end of the 6-month treatment, they feel they should have opted for a filler treatment, the company will reimburse the full price of all the products purchased, less the shipping and handling fee. There are some key conditions to this type of guarantee, however:

  • The user should prove by purchase bills that they completed the treatment by replacing the AngelLift dermastrips every 60 days;
  • The refund request should include the bill for the new wrinkle removal treatment;
  • The refund is granted if the alternative anti-aging treatment is an injecting procedure.

The 60-day money back guarantee applies only to unused products, in their original packaging, with the exception of the Dermastrips themselves, which are fully refunded even to clients who opened the package and used the products. Through the Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee, shipping and handling fees are not reimbursed.

Many customers complained that the process of claiming a refund for AngelLift and the conditions imposed by the company made it almost impossible for them to get their money back. All users claiming a refund should email the company. The initial email should contain relevant purchase documents as an attachment.

Once they approve the refund, the company issues a Return Material Authorization tracking number, and the customer can arrange for the return shipping at their own expense (non-refundable).

The AngelLift Product Warranty & Return website page specifies that the customer should consider opting for a trackable shipping service, or even purchasing shipping guarantee because the company cannot guarantee that they will receive the returned item.

All these conditions and limitations for the return of the products are considerably outside the standard expectations of regular customers. In case of the 60-day money back guarantee, many buyers were left wondering how they could be able to appreciate whether the treatment works at all if they are not allowed to open the products in the package in order to be able to claim their money back.

AngelLift Strengths

  • Hypoallergenic, hygienic, flexible strips, easy to use at home
  • Non-invasive and painless procedure
  • No side effects and no restrictions for use for people of different ages or with pre-existing medical conditions
  • Discreet and affordable option for people who do not want to use dermal fillers and other similar cosmetic procedures
  • No recovery period – there are no visible signs of using the treatment, such as it happens in the case of injections or peeling treatments

AngelLift Weaknesses

  • The complex refund requirements impose many limitations and make it difficult, if not impossible for buyers to recover their investment.
  • The product was allegedly developed during a third party medical research, but there are no references either to the research itself or to the institution funding it.
  • Although the Dermastrips are advertised as clinically tested, there are no links or references available for website visitors to verify this.
  • The key figure of the team of professionals presented to potential customers on the website is Dr. Bradley Evans. However, there is no reference to his medical background or even a summarized CV of his expertise and qualifications.
  • The video showing how to use the product is actually a cartoon. There is a very short scene at the beginning of the product presentation video featuring an actress using the product, but it lasts only a few seconds and does not give users any clear idea about how to use the dermastrips.

Bottom Line

The AngelLift treatment leaves a lot to the user’s imagination when it comes to how it actually works. The scientific principle behind the dermastrips could use clear naming and a detailed description, especially since the link to the alleged clinical studies is no longer available.

When it comes to product reviews, the huge number of both 5-star and 1-star ratings is overwhelming. There is a controversy related to these reviews, stemming from the moment when Amazon temporarily stopped selling the product.

The word has it they did it due to some false reviews claims. AngelLift is available on Amazon again, but many potential buyers still wonder if the 5-star reviews are genuine or not. It is encouraging to know that no customer complained of side effects while using the procedure, but there are too many people claiming that the product doesn’t work at all, or it is difficult to keep in place.

Given that a complete treatment takes half a year and requires subsequent purchases every 60 days, it is difficult to give a final verdict. In the end, it is up to you whether you want to believe the company’s claim that they offer “correction without injection” and try AngelLift at home, or keep looking.