Affiliate Disclaimer

We created this page with the purpose of providing you with a better understanding of how we manage to keep ByAdvisor working at an optimum level while at the same time preserving our integrity and the goals we are trying to achieve in this community. The fact that we do have some affiliate relationships might make us look like we are going against everything we claim to believe in but in the end you’ll see how this is very far from the truth.

Why we have affiliate relationships

As we’ve mentioned before, the ways of providing the resources needed for managing a website are very limited in number. ByAdvisor’s major source of income is Google’s AdSense, a program that provides a predetermined sum for every add that captures the interest of a visitor, but only if they actually click on it. This program runs on a complex series of algorithms that use your own online activity, making it impossible for us to be aware of the products that are presented to you through adds. These adds could appear anywhere on our website, and many times the products presented will be related to the product that you’re viewing on ByAdvisor. In this case, we have no way of knowing what the exact product is or what are it’s qualities, so don’t believe that we are actively advertising it. Whatever the product might be, it’s presented as an option that we have no control over.

But most often the products displayed through adds will have nothing in common with our activity at ByAdvisor, unless your general internet activity relates to the information we present. So you can expect to see adds that might look out of place on our website, but they should be nonetheless connected to your interests and useful to you personally.

And as this program doesn’t really provide the exact amounts needed to cover all the expenses of our website, we also have affiliate relationships. This means that some of the reviews will be followed by links that direct you to the websites where the products presented are available for buying. Do not mistake this practice as false advertising. While it’s true that entire websites run solely on revenue provided by paid reviews that are very often untrue, this would be unacceptable for a website that is destined to offering reviews based on real information. We do not write reviews in change for money or products, and we already mentioned that we do not accept this kind of behavior from reviewers that post on ByAdvisor either.

The affiliated products

We develop affiliate relationships with very few companies, which are deemed by us as trust worthy and offer products that we are certain won’t disappoint you as a customer. ByAdvisor’s goal is to improve your shopping experience, and we surely wouldn’t encourage you to purchase a product or service that would be less than satisfactory. We make sure that these products work exactly as they should by using them ourselves, and a positive review posted by us is surely the result of positive experiences. We are very careful when it comes to suggesting you a product, and we do it with best intentions.

We are aware that there’s a chance for a specific product to not perform as well as we expected in the case of many customers. This could only mean that we were wrong in our conclusions, and we will be willing to accept it. We will cease the affiliate relationship if it doesn’t benefit customers as well as we thought it would, as we wouldn’t want to be associated with a product that turns out to be the exact kind we are trying to help you avoid. The chances of something like this actually happening are very slim, but be sure that if it does, we’ll be quick to fix it.

Why take chances?

Well, we wouldn’t do it if we didn’t need to. And although there is some risk involved, a product we recommend will most likely be as good as we present it to be and make for a great choice in it’s own range. We wouldn’t risk losing members of our community or even occasional visitors for any less.