About us

Welcome to ByAdvisor!

You’re reached an online community created for the sole purpose of making your internet shopping experience and easier and more satisfactory process. Here you have the opportunity to discover objective information about products and services available mostly online, while at the same time being free to share your own experiences and offer your honest advice, helping other consumers to make better choices.

What ByAdvisor can do for you?

The internet has managed to change the entire way we think about shopping. Good products, services and even investment opportunities are now only one click away, and that’s great both for us and the companies that offer them. Everything has become more easily available, and what used to be a long process that implied visiting multiple stores, making product comparisons and choosing the best price has now been reduced to a few minutes spent online. With less hassle and more free time for us, this system seems perfect. But once you start online shopping, you discover that it might not be as easy as it looks.

Because taking advantage of trusting consumers has become easier too. Given that potential customers aren’t able to actually take a good look at products before buying them, or get honest opinions from other buyers, people that have no other interest but your hard earned money have found a great so-called business opportunity. Most likely, for every few quality products purchased online, you’re also invested your money in something that has turned out to be a scam. And this “business” is growing each year, as it becomes harder and harder to recognize a legitimate product from something that could not only be useless, but even dangerous for your health. Many companies that use the internet for marketing offer health products, and these in particular have become a real concern, as they actually go inside your body and could cause serious damage if the quality standards are not respected. And it turns out that finding genuine reviews takes a lot of effort, as many scammers are specialized in creating entire pages dedicated to fake advertising, and potential customers need time and experience to be able to see them as what they truly are.

This is where we come in

We’re not interested in advertising and selling, we’re only here to bring you a real view over products and services offered online. The reviews posted on this site are 100% legitimate, based on solid research and real information. We receive no gain from positive reviews and we’re not afraid to post negative experiences as long as long as the information is true and helps potential customers. Through this site you’ll be able to learn about hidden fees, free trial periods that actually end up costing you money or bad customer service. At the same time, you’ll discover great products that you might not have heard of before.

Share your own opinion!

And you can even help others make good choices. As we’re a community, you’re welcome to open up about your experiences and give your honest opinion. If you know something about a certain product and you would like for everybody to be aware, don’t hesitate to share it. Your opinion matters and it will help improve the shopping experience for all of us. And even though making your voice heard comes easier when you’re dissatisfied with a product or service, we would like you to share your positive experiences in the same measure. We’re not mentioning this because we’re rather interested in positive reviews, but because we are aware that the positive outcomes of our choices are many times taken for granted while the negative ones make us want to share them with the whole world. And we want for this site to present products in the most genuine way possible, depicting both the good and the bad. So let us know about everything that bothers you, but don’t hesitate to let us know when you’re happy also.

What about spammers?

You don’t have to worry about reviews that are paid for. We have out ways for making a clear difference between an honest review and one written for the purpose of advertising, and dishonest opinions will not be posted. Spammers are not welcomed here, as we only allow truthful information that will help decent consumers make informed decisions. And quality information doesn’t only help potential customers, but the companies themselves.

Improving product quality

This community is designed as a good source of information for consumers, but at the same time it helps people that are on the other side of the fence get a good image over the products they design, from the customer’s point of view. Companies that offer quality products and are overall interested in the experience they offer are always interested in our opinions and keep them in mind when it comes to improving a product that is already available or creating a new one. Producers are also welcome to clarify any misunderstandings or mistakes that could have led to unhappy customer experiences. Because even though many reviews tend to be overly negative, our purpose is not to bring a disservice to companies. What we want is to make businesses more satisfactory for customers and owners alike.

Know exactly what’s going on

Either if you find that one particular product you’re interested in or not, ByAdvisor offers information about entire categories of products and services. This will help you learn what’s going on with the market of a certain range of products, as you’ll discover where to look to make sure you’re getting what you’re paying for. You’ll also learn what the signs of scams are, and we’re hoping that this site will help you in all your online purchases, beyond the individual reviews. As the online medium becomes more and more dangerous for your pocket, we’re here to make sure that your customer experiences will not only improve, but become entirely positive and stay that way no matter how many bad quality products are put out there. Internet shopping should not only be easy but also fun, and we can surely help you make it that way.